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How To Use Blogging To Boost Your Business

15 August 2017
Rhiannon Harradine

Often incorporated into business websites, blogs contain articles written by or on behalf of a business and have a number of important functions. Firstly, blogs can help build brand awareness as they can be shared on social media and distributed via e-mail marketing. Secondly, they can demonstrate the knowledge and expertise a business offers. For example, an accountancy firm could publish a brief guide to book keeping, whilst highlighting that it offers a book keeping service. Prospective clients are assured that the business knows what it is doing, and are at the same time made aware of how they could benefit from their services. Finally, blogs are a fantastic way of boosting SEO. See VIP IT’s blog on Copywriting for SEO.

Whilst the benefits of blogging are clear, there are a few things to consider when establishing and maintaining a successful business blog.

Regular Updates

It is all too easy to neglect a blog. Time constraints often mean blogs are not updated regularly enough to be effective. VIP IT recommends publishing at least 1-2 blogs every month in order to maintain an effective blog. Regular blogging conveys the message that your business is thriving and engaged with its profession or industry. For example, a sports complex might blog about a major athletics event and a law firm might blog about an important change in legislation.

It is certainly worth blogging about internal business developments, such as an upcoming company event or the launch of a new service or branch. This helps make your business sound exciting whilst making customers feel involved. For example, a blog about a live music event at a restaurant could encourage new customers to visit the venue and become regular diners.

Conversely, prospective customers will be unimpressed by a blog that was last updated several months ago. It can give the impression that the business is stagnant and out-dated or even struggling. Therefore, it is vital to keep a blog up-to-date to make it worthwhile.


Content that contains errors is sloppy and can make a business look unprofessional. It is especially important to spell key words correctly in order to demonstrate business expertise in a particular profession or industry. Incorrect spellings, even if these are typing errors, may give prospective clients the impression that a business lacks expertise.

Therefore, it is vital to read over written content several times before publication to check for and correct any mistakes. If possible, arrange for another person to proofread the content – it is much harder to identify mistakes in your own work.

Style and Language

Matching the style and tone of writing to your brand can help the target audience relate to the business. It is important to think about who the target audience are and why they might be seeking your product or service. This will help to engage your target audience and make them feel that your business is right for them.

For example, a solicitor’s blog would need to be sensitive to prospective clients’ situations. They may have suffered a serious injury or be going through a difficult divorce. Conveying sympathy, proficiency and honesty is vital.

Conversely, a teenage fashion retailer would need to adopt a different tone. In this instance, potential customers want to be inspired by the products and be made to feel that those products would suit them and their personal style.

Whatever the business, an effective blog will make the target audience feel good, whether that be in the form of relief, excitement, ambition, inspiration, compassion or confidence. This will give your business a positive image, encouraging prospective customers to engage with you.

VIP IT’s Blogging & SEO Services

Blogging, when planned and executed correctly, can greatly benefit your business. VIP IT can save you time and hassle with our blog writing service, which can be included as part of our SEO management service. We will set up your blog and regularly publish new articles.

In addition to this we can identify and secure guest bloggers and/or blogger reviews. We will research, write, proofread and publish quality blog articles tailored to your business.

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