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Managing a social media presence can be a resource intensive and daunting task. Knowing what to say and where to say it requires a strong social strategy and a clear insight into the behaviour of prospective customers.

We can help you excel in the social media dominated world through our proactive and insight driven approach to social media. To learn more about how we can help you, simply click the service descriptions in the section below. You may also wish to consider this service alongside our other digital marketing services, which include SEO and PPC advertising.

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Service Descriptions

Monthly Management

Monthly Management

Managing a social media presence can be a time consuming and daunting task, knowing what to say and where to say it requires a strong social strategy and a clear insight into the behaviour of prospective customers. We can help you excel in the ever more social media dominated world. Our management service is equally well suited to businesses who are just starting out as it is to those with an established presence. Every aspect of our service is centered around the principle of proactive management and we want you and your business to dominate the social media environment within your sector. We are able to attain this level of success through our proven strategic social approach. Our service starts by developing a bespoke social media strategy, which outlines what we want to achieve in partnership with you and the approach that we are going to use to do this. Once we have developed your strategy, our proactive management phase commences. We will craft bespoke posts that best represent your business in the online community. All the posts are developed with engagement in mind. Alongside our planned posts we also manage all customer communications. It is well known that when a prospective customer engages with you, they want to be engaged in record time – this is what we do best.

Our management service is completed with our popular reporting service. You are able to choose the frequency of the reports that we provide on your social media activity. Whether you require a weekly update or a monthly summary, we will always cater to whatever is most convenient for you. When you think of a report you may expect a glossy document loaded with meaningless numbers and colourful graphs. We provide glossy reports with colourful graphs but without the meaningless numbers. Instead, we provide our expert analysis and opinion on the data – giving the data meaning is one of our specialities.

Account Setup

Account Setup

Some businesses find that they have the time to manage their social media presence, but they may not have the graphic design expertise or copywriting skills to create an engaging and visually attractive profiles. Our account setup service does exactly that: We will work with you to create a professional social media profile. This typically involves creating an engaging header image that drives traffic from your social media accounts to your website. We consider a header image to be your business’s social media billboard: It is your opportunity to showcase your brand and project a professional visual identity. In addition to this, we will work with you to write appropriate descriptions and sections of text for each element of your profile. Our skill here is understanding the unique identity of your business and translating it into meaningful text that includes a clear call to action. Throughout the service we will support your business every step of the way, providing our advice in a proactive and direct manner. Ultimately, our end goal is to help you convert awareness into leads through building a strong profile design with graphics that are compliant with the requirements of each individual platform.

Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit

Have you been investing in social media marketing without generating any return on your investment? If so, you should consider our audit service. Whether you have been managing your own social media presence or it has been under the care of another digital marketing agency, we will provide an independent view on its performance. We firmly believe in establishing client relationships based upon trust. We would never mislead you – if your current marketing agency is doing a great job we will tell you. Our review service includes a detailed performance report with advanced analysis and a clear unambiguous opinion as to whether your current efforts are delivering for your business. This information will be complimented by a number of actionable recommendations that suggest how you can improve your social media presence. We believe that understanding your current social media  presence is key to your future marketing success.

Social Media Training

Social Media Training

Social media marketing (SMM) can be challenging as there are a number of topics that you need to understand before you can craft your own successful strategy, presence and proactive management plan. Through our bespoke training programmes we aim to empower you to understand the key topics of social media marketing and create a successful social media presence from the ground up. You will be trained by an established expert through a series of engaging and empowering workshops. During our workshops there will be several opportunities to discuss your plans and ideas – use these opportunities to gain feedback on your plans from an experienced social marketer. Follow our prescribed training (which includes intermediate, expert and measurement based workshops) or suggest topics that you would like to explore. All our training workshops are delivered at your business premises, so there is no need to factor in travel time or expense. Simply relax in your place of work and allow us to start you on a positive marketing journey.

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All our social media services are delivered by experienced social media professionals, with expertise in everything from developing a social media strategy to proactively managing a social media presence.


We will manage your social media presence as if it was our own, taking care of every aspect of social media marketing that is required for social success. You can be assured of a proactive service approach.


You are able to choose the frequency of the reports that we provide on your social media progress. Whether you would like a weekly update or a monthly summary we will cater to whatever is most convenient for you.


We pride ourselves on our customer service, rest assured that we will answer any and every question that you may have in respect of your social media marketing. Simply get in touch and we will get back to you.

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