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    Free SEO Report FAQS

    Who is the free SEO report for?

    The free SEO report offering is well suited to any business that is looking to improve their Google visibility and rankings.

    How do you produce the SEO report?

    Our SEO report is created using an automated software tool. The software crawls your website in a similar way to Google in order to identify any instances where SEO best practice is not being followed. Once the automated tool has produced the report, one of our digital marketing experts reviews the report and prepares the report findings.

    When will my report be ready?

    We aim to deliver free SEO reports within two business days of your report request. This allows time for us to prepare your report using our automated software and complete our manual results analysis.

    Once we have received our report what are the next steps?

    After we have delivered the report, we recommend that you schedule a quick call with one of our digital marketing experts so we can discuss the results of the report and the next steps.