Investing In Digital Marketing During COVID-19

Should I Be Investing in Digital Marketing During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

The current situation has forced most businesses to re-evaluate their outgoings. But should you be cutting back on your digital marketing costs? The short answer to this question is that it really does depend on individual circumstances. Some businesses may be best off reducing their marketing budget or at least revising how that budget is

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Google MyBusiness

How To Optimise Your Google MyBusiness Profile

If you own a business, creating an optimised Google MyBusiness (GMB) profile is one of the first tasks that you should consider completing as part of your digital marketing efforts. It offers you the ability to increase your visibility in local searches and provide customers with key information about your business such as your website

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Digital Marketing Agency

How To Choose A Digital Marketing Agency

Business owners face a difficult decision when they are looking to engage a digital marketing agency. There are an abundance of different agencies, each with their own areas of expertise and specialist areas of marketing. You will want to find a digital marketing company that you can trust to work with your business and help

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SSL Certificate

What An SSL Certificate Is And Why Your Website Needs One

Google’s impending change to how it marks websites that are served without an SSL certificate from July 2018 in its Chrome browser has brought SSL certificates to the attention of business owners. From July, users of the Google Chrome browser will be shown a ‘not secure’ warning when visiting a website that does not have

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Business Website

What Makes A Business Website Great

Great websites enhance the reputation of a business and provide an enjoyable experience to potential customers. We use websites like this every day for online shopping, managing our money or sharing memories with our friends. How often do you consider whether your business website is delivering an enjoyable experience to potential customers? It is very

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Google Page Speed

Page Speed Becomes A Priority Ranking Factor For Google

The speed at which the pages on your website load has been recognised as an important SEO consideration for many years now. It is not a coincidence that there is a clear correlation between a fast page load speed and great Google rankings. In the last week, page speed has been elevated from an important

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Bloggers And Influencers

How To Increase Your Online Visibility With Bloggers And Influencers

In an increasingly competitive online landscape, boosting your online visibility is an ever more complex task. While following SEO best practice guidelines will undoubtedly boost your visibility on search engines, your SEO strategy will need to extend beyond technical optimisation and on-page optimisation if you are going to attain a significant increase in online visibility.

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Landing Pages

4 Ways To Improve Your Landing Pages

If you have engaged in a form of digital marketing, it is likely that your business has either encountered or created landing pages. Landing pages are a great way to tailor the experience that a potential customer receives when they first visit your website. They continue to be a key ingredient of successful digital marketing

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