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How To Get The Most From Your SEO Company

20 February 2024
Liam Saunders

For businesses that are looking to improve their online visibility, reach new customers and secure all-important leads/sales, their choice of SEO company is likely to have a significant bearing on their success. While there are many articles discussing what you should consider when choosing an SEO company, few explore how you can get the most from the SEO company that you choose to work with. There are many aspects to getting the most from your SEO partner, and most relate to the type of relationship that you establish with them at the very outset. However, changes can be made at any stage of a business partnership, and our ideas work well throughout every stage of the process.

We explore how you, as the client, can get the most from the SEO company that you are working with. Whether you have just started working with a new company or are months or even years into a partnership, why not take the opportunity to improve the way that you work with your SEO company and maximise the effectiveness of your SEO campaign?

Things You Can Do To Make The Most Of Your SEO Company

Establish Clear And Realistic Goals

The goals that you establish with your SEO company have a crucial role to play. They provide a yardstick from which progress can be measured, but they can also help determine the focus of the SEO management activities that they complete on your behalf. While the campaign goals should initially be proposed by the client, it is important that you consider and listen to any feedback that your SEO agency provides. A professional SEO company will be able to advise you as to the suitability of your goals, including whether they are realistic and suitable for your business and its website.

If for example, your business is new to SEO and has a completely unoptimised website, it is going to be unrealistic to set a goal of SEO becoming the main source of inbound leads/sales within two months. Whereas if your business has worked with other SEO companies before and has a partially or well-optimised website, there is clear scope for more ambitious goals.

If you set unclear or unrealistic goals, this will be to the detriment of the success of your SEO campaign. SEO is very much a long-term marketing activity, and trying to force it to fit into a short results timeframe will only undermine progress and may encourage the adoption of strategies that do not follow search engine best practice.

Other types of unrealistic goals include goals that are solely focused on leads/sales or goals that do not take the competitiveness and search volumes of the keywords in question into account. If for example, you have a very competitive keyword with a keyword difficulty of 80+, it is not going to be realistic to rank on page one within a few months. Similarly, it is not realistic to expect that your business will gain more than 80% of your organic traffic from a keyword with a low search volume of 20 searches per month.

The most suitable SEO goals will include a number of the following, with the exact choice being determined by the nature of your business and its business goals:

  • Keyword rankings
  • Organic visibility
  • Organic traffic
  • Number of organic leads/sales

The above are all easily measurable provided that your business has the right tools and measurement platforms in place. While the goals mostly relate to SEO metrics, the inclusion of a leads/sales element ensures that the overall goals remained commercially focused. It is also important to remember that the number of leads/sales secured by SEO is of course influenced by a range of factors, many of which are outside of the control of your SEO company. If they are performing well in most of your goals but are not doing as well in terms of leads/sales, it is important to consider what role other factors may affect this before making a judgement.

Encourage Open & Regular Communication

If your partnership with your SEO company is going to be successful, it should be built on open and regular communication. While most SEO companies are fairly adept at communicating well with clients, it is not uncommon for clients themselves to not be as communicative as they could be. The best and most successful SEO strategies are often a collaborative effort and the end product of regular communication between an SEO company and the client. You should not just be speaking to your SEO company when it comes to the contract renewal or after you have received your monthly or quarterly SEO report. If you do, your chance of a successful SEO strategy is diminished, and you are much less likely to gain maximum benefit from working with an SEO agency.

Poor communication can lead to a multitude of issues when it comes to an SEO partnership, including stalled progress, strategy misalignment, missed opportunities and even the breakdown of your partnership with your SEO company. Even one of these issues has the potential to cause significant disruption to your progress and lead to the waste of valuable resources that could be dedicated to another area of your business.

Stalled progress is often caused by not responding to questions and requests in a timely manner, particularly if they relate to information or access to resources that your SEO company requires to complete their work. This is very counterintuitive from a client perspective, especially as you are paying for their help and expertise.

Strategy misalignment is another common product of poor communication. While your business may have changed its priorities, products/services, or overall strategy, if you haven’t informed your SEO company, they cannot adapt the SEO strategy and associated activities to take account of this. They may continue working on or promoting aspects of your business that are less relevant or even worse, products/services that are unavailable.

Furthermore, not communicating regularly can simply result in missed opportunities. These can take many forms and can involve anything from a chance to capitalise on a new trend in your sector/market or re-work your strategy through to tailoring the SEO to suit a particular event or reaching a new group of customers.

In a worst-case scenario, the lack of communication can contribute to the breakdown of the partnership. If either party becomes frustrated, they may decide to either stop working together early or to not renew the contract.

Whereas, open and regular communication will equip you to gain the maximum benefit from the working relationship with your SEO company. While every company is different and effective communication can take many forms, most partnerships will benefit from communicating through the following:

  • Regular SEO reports detailing progress made and activities completed
  • Monthly or quarterly progress review meetings/calls
  • Ad-hoc communication as and when required to provide updates and request information
  • Feedback and review meetings to review and adjust the SEO strategy

Gain An Understanding Of The SEO Process

When you engage an SEO company to grow your online visibility, grow your organic traffic and increase leads/sales through SEO management services, you do not need to be an SEO expert or know every aspect of SEO in detail. However, it is helpful for you to have a basic understanding and appreciation of SEO and the processes involved.

If you are unaware of the key SEO terms, concepts, and processes, this can present a challenge when working closely with an SEO company. Professional SEO companies like VIP IT will try to minimise the use of jargon and explain concepts and process in plain English. However, it is often beneficial to understand some SEO basics. If you do not understand SEO basics, you are likely to encounter a few key challenges including:

  • Understanding how SEO fits into your wider business and marketing strategy
  • Appreciating why your SEO company is doing what they do and how they do it
  • Getting frustrated at a perceived lack of progress when this may not be the case
  • Being surprised at the level of input and collaboration that your SEO agency is requesting
  • Missing key opportunities to make your SEO company aware of that could improve the strategy

An ideal level of SEO understanding includes understanding key terminology, the overall SEO process, how keyword research is done, what the data within an SEO report means and what the key stages in the SEO process are. There are many easy ways to improve your understanding and many SEO companies including VIP IT are more than happy to help you and answer any questions that you may have about elements of SEO.

Collaborate On Content

Content is playing an ever-greater role in successful SEO campaigns with its influence on keyword rankings and organic traffic outranking many other more traditional aspects of SEO. Due to the importance of content, it is not usually possible or indeed advisable to solely rely on your SEO agency to produce all of your content. There are many forms of content that will require your input including blogs, case studies, testimonials, page text, and insight articles to name but a few in order for your business to gain the maximum possible SEO benefit from them.

While your SEO company may be able to write blogs on your behalf, it is impossible for them to create case studies, testimonials and insights without your cooperation and input. For these forms of content, collaboration is essential and even in the case of blogs and page text, it is certainly advisable that you play an active role in their creation.

The risks of not collaborating on content are both significant and clear. The greatest risk is that you may end up with content that is not suitable for your business, whether that be because of its style, substance, or structure. This could result in your business losing the attention of potential customers to a competitor or leaving a brand impression with existing customers who may return to your website from time to time. In addition to this, in the absence of collaboration, it is very much possible that some forms of content will not be created at all. This is a particularly high risk in the case of content that relies on your input such as case studies and testimonials.

Not having such valuable forms of content will undoubtedly have a negative impact on your SEO and your ability to convert website visitors into paying clients/customers.When your website is missing key trust signals, the effectiveness of your SEO efforts will be greatly curtailed. The final risk is the opportunity cost that not having your input introduces. It is likely that with your guidance and input, better and more informed content could have been created. This limits the effectiveness of your SEO as a whole.

By closely collaborating on content with your chosen SEO company, you can maximise the effectiveness of your SEO efforts and achieve significantly better results than you can if you just leave your SEO partner to produce it all on your behalf. Effective ways to collaborate include writing blog articles for your trusted SEO partner to optimise, making people available in your business for them to interview and providing case studies and testimonials for your SEO company to optimise. It is always a good idea to discuss website content ideas with them and agree on a content plan for at least the next quarter, as this will provide a sense of focus to your SEO content efforts.

Value And Trust Their Expertise

Once you have chosen an SEO company to work with, the way in which you value and trust their expertise will influence the success of your partnership. There is little point to choosing a professional SEO agency and failing to value their opinions and trust the expertise that they bring to your business. After all, you are paying them for their experience and expertise, so why not let them advise you as to the best way to improve your SEO?

It is surprising that some businesses fail to value and trust their chosen SEO partner, which is always to the detriment of the success of their SEO campaign and wider marketing efforts. It is sometimes helpful to return to the point when you chose them and remember the reasons why you considered them to be best option for your business. Some businesses may also overlook the value of the suggestions and recommendations that their SEO company is making. If they are making suggestions to you, they will only be made in your best interests based on many years of experience and expertise. If you are serious about achieving your SEO goals and those of your digital marketing efforts, taking steps to value and trust the expertise of your SEO company is crucial.

When you do truly value and trust their expertise, the potential to achieve exceptional SEO results is at its greatest. Your SEO company will feel empowered, valued, and best placed to do their very best work for your business, which will hopefully lead to the achievement of the SEO goals that have been set for your business. The SEO campaign will become more of a partnership rather than a business transaction, which will benefit everyone involved. It is important to note that trusting and valuing their expertise does not mean agreeing with all of their suggestions/recommendations. Some suggestions/recommendations may not be suitable for valid reasons. However, it does certainly mean considering what your SEO company suggests and working with them to make the SEO campaign a success.

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Improving your business’s online visibility, growing organic traffic, and increasing leads/sales is a significant challenge. Partnering with a professional SEO company with the experience and expertise required to optimise your website has the potential to transform your business. We have been helping ambitious and growing businesses across a diverse range of sectors improve their SEO and make the most of the opportunities that it presents. Why not find out how we can help your business grow online through our SEO management services?

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