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Many digital marketing companies support businesses across a diverse range of sectors. At VIP IT, we are no different. We have provided exceptional digital marketing services to businesses that operate within the B2B and B2C space in a number of sectors. Our digital marketing services have been delivered to businesses that operate within the technology, financial services, legal, eCommerce and manufacturing sectors, to name but a few. The cross-sector experience and expertise that we have gained is truly invaluable to our clients and any prospective business that may be considering working with us. Whichever sector our clients operate within, they all have something important in common: an ambitious nature, clear desire for growth and a willingness to collaborate with us to get the most from digital marketing.

We love helping ambitious businesses grow through exceptional digital marketing - it’s what we do every day! Whether you require SEO management, PPC management services or help with your WordPress website, we are here to help your business grow online. Our client work is varied and includes helping B2B businesses generate leads from their target client profile through to increasing sales for businesses with eCommerce stores and everything in-between. If your business does not operate within one of the sectors below, don’t worry; we can still help your business. We always take the time to get to know each of our clients and the sector that they operate within. Why not get in touch with us to find out how we can help your business?

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Sectors That We Have Supported

How We Have Helped Businesses grow

We have worked with many businesses across a diverse range of sectors. Since 2015, we have gained truly invaluable experience and expertise that benefits our clients. Our clients span a range of sectors from technology and legal to financial services and eCommerce. Explore some of the sectors that we have supported below and find out how we could help you.


The technology sector is fast-paced and always changing. Businesses operating within the tech sector need a digital marketing partner that can keep up. We are famililar with the challenges faced by tech companies and have the necessary experience and expertise to help.

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While the legal sector is steeped in tradition, the law firms that operate within it rely on digital marketing solutions to attract new clients and retain existing ones. We have help law firms grow online with our broad experience, which spans many areas of the law.

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Financial Services

In financial services, responsibility and regulatory requirements are integral to the sector's success. We craft successful, results-focused digital marketing strategies based on our extensive financial services digital marketing experience.

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eCommerce businesses are primed to make the most of digital marketing, yet they face significant challenges. We use our eCommerce digital marketing expertise to help eCommerce businesses secure a consistent flow of new customers for a suitable aquisition cost.

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Manufacturers have great passion and knowledge of their prodicts but may lack the expertise to market them. We help manufacturers increase their online visibility, reach customers and secure the all-important sales. It's time to get your business found online.

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Business To Business (B2B)

Businesses that operate in the B2B space face a unique set of challenges including complex user journeys and well informed buyers. We help businesses develop a bespoke B2B digital marketing strategy that helps businesses generate leads and attract new clients.

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We Are Trusted By Established Businesses

Asset Advantage
Impact Call Centre
Pan Oston
Ward Williams
Executive Solutions Consultancy
CFone Communications
Pink Fluff HR
GottaBe Marketing
Castles Estate Agents
Virtual Umbrella
Emma Haggas Art

Digital Marketing For Technology Companies

The technology sector is fast-paced and ever-changing, much like digital marketing. If your business operates within the tech sector, you need a digital marketing partner that can keep up with your business and the rapidly changing environment that it operates in. We are familiar with the challenges faced by tech companies and the informed audiences that they market to. When you are marketing to an informed and educated audience, nothing but the best will do. You need an agency that just gets it and is technically minded enough to understand the products/services that your business provides. In VIP IT, your company could have a well-informed and high skilled digital marketing partner with all the necessary experience and expertise to help your business grow online.

We have helped a wide range of tech companies in areas including health tech, retail tech and information technology to name but a few. Our experience in the sector leaves us well placed to understand the challenges that you face and deliver digital marketing solutions that can solve them. VIP IT’s passion for all things tech makes us an engaged and smart choice for growing tech companies. Why not find out how we can help with digital marketing for tech companies like yours?

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Digital Marketing For Law Firms

The legal sector is in many ways steeped in tradition yet is increasingly turning to digital marketing solutions to attract new clients and retain existing ones. Operating in a sector where precision and detail matters more than ever presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to digital marketing for law firms. The key challenge is balancing marketing creativity, while operating firmly within the professional responsibilities associated with legal marketing. It is possible to successfully strike the right balance when you choose an experienced digital marketing agency for law firms. You will need a digital marketing partner that is diligent yet forward-looking and who is best placed to harness the full potential that digital marketing presents.

We have helped a wide range of law firms grow online, from criminal and immigration law through to family and business law. Our experience across different areas of the law places us ahead of many other digital marketing agencies, whose experience may be more limited. Whether your firm is targeting a high street client or a high-net worth client, we can help, drawing on our extensive experience of targeting both types of client to help your firm secure cases.

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Digital Marketing For Financial Services

Financial services remains a key sector in the UK economy and one with a wide sphere of influence that affects everyone in some form. The significant impact that the sector has invites a great sense of responsibility and regulatory requirements. Staying within these regulatory requirements is of course paramount, which presents a challenge when it comes to digital marketing for financial services. It is possible to meet regulatory requirements while also crafting a successful digital marketing strategy. You just need a digital marketing partner with the experience and agility to help your business grow. In VIP IT, you have a company with an understanding of the sector and experience within other sectors that can prove to be invaluable in providing new ideas and successful strategies.

We have helped many businesses with financial services digital marketing in areas such as asset finance and commercial business finance. Our experience within both non-regulated and regulated financial services marketing leaves us well placed to advise a diverse range of financial services firms. Whether you are operating within the B2B or B2C space, we are ready to help your business succeed online. Why not get in touch with us and find out how we can help your firm reach and attract new clients across the financial services sector?

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eCommerce Digital Marketing

eCommerce businesses are naturally well placed to make the most of digital marketing, yet it is not without its challenges. Growing an eCommerce store requires a stable and consistent flow of new customers, who should be attracted to your business for a suitable customer acquisition cost. There is a need to acquire a customer with a sufficient order value to offset their acquisition cost. This makes eCommerce digital marketing a challenge, especially with typical average sale values that are far below what is achieved within the services sector. It is critical that the eCommerce digital marketing agency is able to develop a strategy that takes account of this. They will require experience and expertise in the eCommerce sector in order to help your business grow in a profitable way.

We have helped eCommerce businesses increase their online visibility and secure the all-important sales that they need to grow. Our experience spans a range of eCommerce platforms from Shopify through to WooCommerce. We are particularly skilled at creating the perfect blend of SEO and PPC advertising to drive sustainable growth for businesses in areas such as coffee, furniture, and beauty. Why not find out how we can help your eCommerce store grow through professional eCommerce digital marketing?

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Digital Marketing For Manufacturers

Manufacturers have a great passion and exceptional knowledge of the products that they create, but they may not have the experience and expertise required to market them. Whether you are selling your products to retailers/wholesalers or direct to customers, you need to build your online visibility to gain the attention of customers before you can secure the all-important sales. The passion and knowledge of your products places manufacturing companies in a strong position to make the most of digital marketing opportunities. When this is combined with a digital marketing agency for manufacturers with the experience and expertise in digital marketing, like VIP IT, great results can be achieved. It’s time to get your business found online by your ideal customers.

We have helped manufacturing businesses to grow their online visibility and attract the customers that they need. At VIP IT, we understand the challenges that manufacturers face when it comes to digital marketing and are ready to help overcome them. We are particularly well suited to working with manufacturers who also operate within the technology space and have successfully helped manufacturers of kiosk & checkout solutions and industrial machinery. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help with digital marketing for manufacturing.

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B2B Digital Marketing

Businesses that operate in the B2B space face a unique set of challenges including complex user journeys, well informed buyers and a requirement to use intelligent platforms and technologies to successfully manage their digital marketing campaigns. Despite this, they also have a prime opportunity to gain visibility, grow their website traffic and generate leads. As B2B sales are less transactional and based more on long-term partnerships, there is scope to achieve exceptional ROI by investing in B2B digital marketing with the right digital marketing partner that has all the necessary expertise and experience in B2B digital marketing. We help businesses operating across a range of sectors to overcome marketing challenges and grow through exceptional digital marketing.

We have helped businesses throughout the UK and internationally with B2B digital marketing in sectors such as technology, manufacturing, legal and financial services to name but a few. Our in-depth understanding of B2B marketing, its challenges and the most effective solutions makes us well placed to advise your business and help it grow online. We have earned a great reputation for delivering professional and successful B2B digital marketing campaigns that deliver exceptional results. Why not find out how we can help your business level up its digital marketing so it can reach and attract ideal clients?  

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What Our Valued Clients Say

We are proud of the exceptional results that we deliver for clients, but you don’t need to take our word for it. Hear directly from the clients that have benefited from our digital marketing sectors in the testimonials below and if you are interested in finding out more about how we have helped, review the selection of case studies on our Success Stories page.

  • Caroline Bartholomew
    I have been very impressed with the service provided by VIP IT in designing and building our new website. The calls to action are already proving to be really effective in capturing valuable enquiries. The whole project went very smoothly from start to finish, and I was impressed with Liam’s knowledge and creative ideas. I can really recommend VIP IT. Many thanks for doing a great job!
    Caroline Bartholomew
    Marketing Manager at Asset Advantage
  • Ros Butterwick
    Since taking over the management of our SEO and Google Ads campaigns in March 2022, VIP IT have transformed our website into a significant source of leads for our business. We have secured new business from our digital marketing, a large proportion with companies that match our target client profile. We see VIP IT as a trusted partner that we look forward to continuing to work with.
    Ros Butterwick
    Sales Director at Impact Call Centre
  • Sarena Harwood
    Ward Williams HR have used VIP IT for a range of digital marketing services from designing and building our new website to defining our SEO strategy. Our new website has a lower bounce rate and increased website traffic. I cannot recommend them enough, always on hand to offer support and answer any questions. As well as very knowledgeable and they offer ideas and solutions to suit our needs.
    Sarena Harwood
    Group Marketing Manager at Ward Williams
  • Michael Gale
    Liam created a successful online strategy with us that boosted our SEA & SEO. We see significantly better results from our Pay-Per-Click and & Display Advertising campaigns, and our SEO scores are improving every month. Resulting in more qualitative leads for our sales reps in the UK. Overall, VIP IT improved the visibility and competitiveness of Pan Oston in Great Britain and Ireland.
    Michael Gale
    Marketeer at Pan Oston BV
  • Mark Hodgkinson
    The team at VIP IT really take an interest in your business. They’ve helped me analyse where we want our business to grow and given a clear map of how to get there. Our website traffic for CFone is up by 1000% since working with Liam and his team of professionals. If you want your business to excel, make contact with VIP IT your customers and your business will reward you for it.
    Mark Hodgkinson
    Director of Operations at CFone Communications
  • Mark Cooper
    Liam interpreted our requirements, which weren’t easy, and modified the website accordingly. Very flexible and professional service, with great patience whilst we refined our needs. Highly recommended.
    Mark Cooper
    Director at Executive Solutions Consultancy

    Why Businesses Choose VIP IT


    Choosing a digital marketing partner is a significant step for any business, regardless of the sector that your business operates within. Finding the right digital marketing company to work will make all the difference to the success of your digital marketing. We know that with so many factors to consider, businesses need to take their time and find the agency or consultancy that best suits their business and its unique requirements. We offer a free consultation to all prospective clients to help them get to know VIP IT and find out if we are the right fit for them. Why not discover some of the reasons why businesses partner with us for digital marketing services?

    Expert Digital Marketers

    All our digital marketing services are delivered by experienced digital marketing professionals. We know digital marketing inside and out and are best placed to help your business make the most of the many opportunities that it presents. Our specialists are ready to help your business grow online.

    Multi-Sector Experience

    Our success spans a diverse range of sectors in both the B2B and B2C spaces, which is testament to our expertise in delivering effective digital marketing strategies to different sectors. We have worked with clients in various sectors including technology, law, financial services, eCommerce, and manufacturing.


    Every client matters to us. Our founder, Liam, works with clients personally, ensuring individual attention and the complete VIP service at every stage. Our selective client portfolio helps us to ensure each client receives a bespoke service of exceptional quality that helps their business grow.

    Create Innovative Campaigns

    We continuously adopt the latest marketing strategies into our campaigns, ensuring that our clients receive exceptional results and the best possible return on investment. Our innovative campaigns make use of artificial intelligence and world-leading SAAS platforms alongside expert human-led insights.

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    Our digital marketing specialists are ready to help your business grow through exceptional digital marketing. Why not get in touch with us using the form below or if you are ready, book a free consultation to discuss your requirements with us.

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