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PPC marketing is a great way to present your business to potential clients/customers in prime position on the Google Search results pages. Many businesses are now investing in PPC management services as they realise the significant opportunity that it offers to get ahead of competitors and secure those all-important enquiries or sales.

As the cost of PPC marketing continues to rise, with the average CPC across many industries increasing by around 70% since last year, using a specialist PPC management agency has never been more important. If you are going to invest in PPC, you want to know that you are getting the very best possible return on your investment and that you are making the most of the features that each platform offers.

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PPC Management Services

PPC Management Services

Helping Businesses IMPROVE PPC ROI

We love helping businesses achieve PPC success, which for many businesses means more enquiries/sales and lower costs. Whether you require complete PPC management services, PPC consulting to solve a pressing PPC challenge or a PPC audit to gain a specialist perspective  on your campaigns, we can help. 

PPC Management

Generate more enquiries/sales from your campaigns with our PPC management service. We will manage every stage of the PPC process from the initial setup through to ongoing management.

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PPC Consulting

Many businesses face a PPC challenge that is challenging to overcome. Our PPC consulting offering provides the help and support that you need on a retained or ad-hoc basis to suit your requirements.

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PPC Audit

Gain a specialist perspective on the performance of your PPC campaigns with our PPC audit service. We will uncover any key issues and highlight improvements that can make a difference.

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We Are Trusted By UK Businesses

Asset Advantage
Impact Call Centre
Pan Oston
Ward Williams
Executive Solutions Consultancy
CFone Communications
Pink Fluff HR
GottaBe Marketing
Castles Estate Agents
Virtual Umbrella
Emma Haggas Art

Why Partner With Us For PPC 

Manage Successful Campaigns

We help businesses across the UK and internationally to establish and manage successful PPC advertising campaigns that generate real business results. Our expertise spans a wide range of industries from technology and legal to manufacturing and finance to name but a few. Why not get in touch with us to discuss your PPC marketing requirements today? Whether you have existing campaigns that are underperforming or are looking to launch a new campaign, our PPC specialists are here to help. Let us craft a successful PPC strategy for your business and put it into practice so you can win new customers and get ahead of your competition.

Deliver The VIP Treatment

By choosing to partner with VIP IT for PPC marketing, you will benefit from the many years of experience and expertise that our specialists offer. It’s time that your business receives the VIP treatment and the exceptional results that we achieve for clients. The VIP treatment that we deliver every day is what sets us apart from the many other PPC management agencies that are available across the UK. You need to experience it to know what a great difference it can make. Book a free consultation with us to experience the VIP IT difference for yourself in a small way. We love helping businesses explore how effective PPC management services can help them grow.

Secure Your Free, No-Obligation Digital Marketing Consultation

During this complimentary consultation, we will explore how our PPC management services can help drive your business's online growth. In the meantime, let our existing clients do the talking. Visit our Success Stories page to gain an insight into what our existing clients have to say about us and our services.

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PPC Management Services


PPC marketing success is never achieved with a “set it and forget it” approach. Our PPC management services are a truly full-service offering for businesses that are serious about generating enquiries or sales from their campaigns. We take care of everything from the initial setup and PPC strategy through to the ongoing management and reporting. By managing each stage of the PPC process, we can provide a complete service and become a natural extension of your business. You can count on us to support your business every step of the way along its pay-per-click journey. We take the time to understand the business goals of every client so we can best tailor the campaigns that we create to deliver the right results.

As part of our PPC management services, we assist with creating ads, writing ad copy, and building landing pages (both on your own website or on a dedicated landing page platform). These tasks require skill and experience to complete successfully and take up time that you can spend on growing your business. Every successful campaign requires careful budget and bid management. Furthermore, wasted spend is all too common and something that we strive to counter so we can protect our clients’ budgets. You can rest assured that we will look after your budgets as if they were our own.

Once you have attracted a potential client/customer to your website, it is important that you take every possible opportunity to convert them from a potential client/customer to a real one. We deliver focused landing page optimisation for all our PPC clients, drawing on analytics and platform insights to identify improvements that make a difference to your results. Our PPC management services don’t just stop there, we also take care of keyword management, campaign optimisation and campaign analysis, to name but a few of the areas that we help our clients with.

As the complexity of PPC advertising continues to increase, you need an experienced specialist on your side to help guide your business through platform changes and increased competition. If you are an ambitious and growing business that is serious about achieving PPC success, our PPC management services are likely to be a great choice for you.

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PPC Management Services
PPC Consulting

PPC Consulting


PPC consulting is an alternative way to benefit from our PPC advertising expertise. If your business has a particular PPC challenge that it is struggling to overcome or requires strategic oversight of your in-house marketing team, our consultancy offering could be the right choice for you. Our bespoke approach is at the heart of our consulting service; we work closely with our clients to support them with the specific issues that they face. We support businesses on a retained or ad-hoc basis to solve the challenges that they face and improve their PPC campaign performance.

Our PPC specialists relish a challenge and are likely to have encountered the specific challenge that your business faces. Whether you are struggling with your PPC strategy, experiencing conversion tracking troubles or require expert campaign setup, we can help.

Our PPC consultant, Liam, is Google Ads Search Certified with over eight years’ experience in setting up and managing PPC campaigns for clients. Liam has worked on PPC accounts for B2B organisations, B2C businesses and international companies. This level of experience means Liam can offer specialist insights and help your business maximise ROI from your Google Ads budget.

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PPC Audit

GAIN a specialist perspective

Improving your PPC campaigns requires an accurate and up-to-date assessment of how your existing campaigns are performing. Equipped with this knowledge, you will be best placed to make the improvements required to achieve great results for your business. Gaining our specialist perspective on your campaigns will uncover key issues within your campaigns and highlight improvements that can make a difference to the success of your PPC advertising campaigns.

Our PPC audit service is equally well-suited to growing SMEs looking for valuable insights or in-house marketing teams that would benefit from an external perspective on their PPC campaigns. By choosing us to carry out a PPC audit, you will gain a truly independent view on your campaign performance and be advised on the key areas for improvement.

The PPC audit service includes a comprehensive audit report, which details the current performance of your campaign(s), key issues, and our recommended improvements. These truly invaluable insights are complimented by expert analysis from one of our PPC specialists that will help you put our improvements into practice. If you are eager to improve the performance of your campaigns and generate more enquiries/sales, our PPC audit is a great way to get started.

Our involvement does not have to end at reviewing your account and preparing recommendations. We can also support your business and help put these into practice. Why not benefit from our expertise and experience across many sectors and engage with us further? We can deliver further support to your business through our PPC management or PPC consultancy services.

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PPC Audit

What Our Valued Clients Say

  • Caroline Bartholomew
    I have been very impressed with the service provided by VIP IT in designing and building our new website. The calls to action are already proving to be really effective in capturing valuable enquiries. The whole project went very smoothly from start to finish, and I was impressed with Liam’s knowledge and creative ideas. I can really recommend VIP IT. Many thanks for doing a great job!
    Caroline Bartholomew
    Marketing Manager at Asset Advantage
  • Ros Butterwick
    Since taking over the management of our SEO and Google Ads campaigns in March 2022, VIP IT have transformed our website into a significant source of leads for our business. We have secured new business from our digital marketing, a large proportion with companies that match our target client profile. We see VIP IT as a trusted partner that we look forward to continuing to work with.
    Ros Butterwick
    Sales Director at Impact Call Centre
  • Sarena Harwood
    Ward Williams HR have used VIP IT for a range of digital marketing services from designing and building our new website to defining our SEO strategy. Our new website has a lower bounce rate and increased website traffic. I cannot recommend them enough, always on hand to offer support and answer any questions. As well as very knowledgeable and they offer ideas and solutions to suit our needs.
    Sarena Harwood
    Group Marketing Manager at Ward Williams
  • Michael Gale
    Liam created a successful online strategy with us that boosted our SEA & SEO. We see significantly better results from our Pay-Per-Click and & Display Advertising campaigns, and our SEO scores are improving every month. Resulting in more qualitative leads for our sales reps in the UK. Overall, VIP IT improved the visibility and competitiveness of Pan Oston in Great Britain and Ireland.
    Michael Gale
    Marketeer at Pan Oston BV
  • Mark Hodgkinson
    The team at VIP IT really take an interest in your business. They’ve helped me analyse where we want our business to grow and given a clear map of how to get there. Our website traffic for CFone is up by 1000% since working with Liam and his team of professionals. If you want your business to excel, make contact with VIP IT your customers and your business will reward you for it.
    Mark Hodgkinson
    Director of Operations at CFone Communications
  • Mark Cooper
    Liam interpreted our requirements, which weren’t easy, and modified the website accordingly. Very flexible and professional service, with great patience whilst we refined our needs. Highly recommended.
    Mark Cooper
    Director at Executive Solutions Consultancy

    Elements Of PPC

    Elements Required For PPC Success

    The PPC specialists at VIP IT have expertise and experience in all the important areas of PPC advertising. We are skilled in each area from keyword research and ad copy creation through to landing page development and campaign optimisation. Discover more about each element below.

    Keyword Research

    Keyword research is the cornerstone of many digital marketing channels and PPC advertising is no exception. The identification, selection and management of keywords is an integral part of every successful PPC campaign, and it is something that we excel at. We use a combination of intelligent platforms & tools and expert human insight to identify, select and recommend keywords to our clients. Typical factors that we consider when choosing PPC marketing keywords include search volume, CPC, competition, intent, and relevance to your products/services.

    Ad Copy Creation

    Great copy is at the heart of every successful PPC campaign. It is what captures the attention of your potential customers/clients and entices them towards your landing page. We take care of the careful and intelligent placement of your target keywords within the ad copy to maximise the visibility and effectiveness of your ads. Our specialists are well informed as to the ad formats, character limits and ad policies of the major PPC networks, which makes them best placed to write copy that meets all the network requirements and get your ads approved.

    Budget & Bid Management

    Budgets and bids are two key elements of a PPC campaign. In terms of budgets, we carefully monitor campaigns to identify areas of waste and opportunities to introduce new keywords. Our proactive approach helps to promote effective budget utilisation based on helpful insights while avoiding overspend. When it comes to managing bids, we use a combination of manual and AI powered bid management approaches to maximise visibility and ensure that bids are commensurate with the level of competition and potential value of each keyword.

    Landing Page Design & Optimisation

    Landing pages are the final touchpoint that a customer/client arrives at in their PPC journey. They need to be effective and optimised if they are going to convert potential customers into actual customers. Our specialists are experienced at developing landing pages that captivate, engage, and convert prospects into customers. We develop landing pages within customer websites and on landing page platforms to suit client requirements. Our work does not end there; we also proactively optimise and improve landing pages so they can perform at their best.


    Recapturing the attention of website visitors that have already engaged with your business is a sure-fire way to boost your conversion rates and secure enquiries/sales. We develop remarketing strategies across text and display-driven platforms to get your website in front of people who have engaged with it in the past. By being front of mind to those with an interest in your business, you can secure conversions that may have otherwise been lost to a competitor. It’s a great way to boost the effectiveness of any campaign.

    PPC Analytics & Reporting

    PPC analytics remain an important source of valuable insights into any campaign. We take the time to review campaign analytics so we can proactively improve the campaigns that we manage and keep clients informed. Our PPC analytics tools include Google Ads, Google Analytics and HotJar to name but a few. We monitor trends that help us to monitor progress and identify the trends that matter. Our PPC clients receive monthly reports that outline progress in terms of clicks, impressions, average CPC, conversions, and cost per conversion.

    PPC Platforms That We Support


    We create and manage campaigns on a range of PPC platforms to help our clients get in front of prospective customers/clients. Our PPC specialists have experience in developing successful campaigns on most PPC platforms including Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and LinkedIn Ads to name a few. We are not limited to any specific PPC platforms and can support others upon request.

    By partnering with us for PPC services, you will benefit from the years of multi-platform experience that we have gained. Our specialists have all the expertise and experience required to craft successful PPC campaigns for businesses across a diverse range of sectors.

    Google Ads

    Google Ads is the leading PPC marketing platform, and it continues to dominate the search engine market with 80% of businesses using Google Ads for their PPC campaigns. Advertising on Google Ads provides businesses with the valuable opportunity to reach potential customers/clients who are in the market for their products/services. Our PPC specialists have been launching and managing successful campaigns on Google Ads for over 8 years, gaining all the required experience and expertise to help businesses make the most of the wealth of features that it offers.

    Microsoft Ads

    Microsoft Ads are an attractive option for businesses looking to diversify their ad spend away from the larger platforms. In many cases, Microsoft Ads campaigns are more cost effective and offer a lower cost per click compared to many other platforms. By advertising on Microsoft Ads, you can reach customers that use Windows powered devices and who may not be as easy to reach via Google and other platforms. Our PPC specialists are adept at making the most of Microsoft Ads. Why not discuss how your business can use Microsoft Ads with our specialists?

    LinkedIn Ads

    LinkedIn Ads provides an invaluable platform for targeting the millions of professionals that use it worldwide. In many ways it can be a golden opportunity to get in front of decision makers who may buy your products/services. The LinkedIn platform naturally lends itself to B2B advertising due to its professional membership base. If you are looking to target a specific segment of professionals, there is no better platform to use as part of your PPC marketing efforts. Our PPC specialists know how to make the most of LinkedIn and generate an exceptional return on investment for your business.

    Our Approach To PPC


    When it comes to effective PPC management services, only a proactive approach will deliver the exceptional results that your business deserves. The very nature of PPC marketing provides businesses that choose to invest in it with a treasure trove of marketing data that should be used to refine and improve your campaigns so you can achieve the best possible return on investment. At VIP IT, we use the perfect blend of human-led creativity and intelligent data to deliver results for the businesses that partner with us.

    True Transparency

    For many PPC management agencies, transparency is something that they shy away from. At VIP IT, we embrace true transparency with all our clients to ensure that they achieve the best possible results from their campaigns. If something is working well, why not do more of it? Or if there are issues, why not evolve the campaign and resolve them? We don’t just share results with our clients in a monthly report; we proactively communicate wins and challenges with them, so we can work together to deliver great results.

    Proactive Management

    Proactive management is at the heart of our PPC approach, and we pride ourselves on being the complete opposite of “set it and forget it”. We focus on identifying ways to improve and evolve campaigns, so they perform at their very best. Our PPC specialists are always reviewing, analysing, and optimising campaigns; it’s what they do best. You can rest assured of our proactivity and enjoy the great results that our PPC campaigns deliver. It’s time that your business enjoys the VIP treatment from our specialists.


    Being results-focused is one of the ways that we build so many successful long-term partnerships with clients. There is little point focusing on vanity metrics like clicks, impressions, click through rate (CTR) and average cost per click (CPC), when businesses rightly want to know about the real results that these translate into. We focus our campaigns on securing the results that really matter: enquiries and sales. Whether you are operating within the B2B or B2C space, we know exactly how to drive great results for your business.

    Business Account Ownership

    Every client that partners with us for PPC will own their account and pay their advertising spend directly to each platform. We don’t believe in taking control of our clients’ accounts and restricting them. We want our clients to be able to trust us and for the relationship to be straightforward and uncomplicated by unnecessarily opaque processes. When you pay for us to build and optimise your PPC campaigns, you can be assured that you will own it and be able to benefit from our work for many years to come.

    Clear Jargon-Free Reporting

    We hate unnecessary PPC jargon, so when we talk and report to clients, we like to be clear and straightforward. Sometimes technical terms cannot be avoided, but in many cases, there is often an easier and more straightforward way to communicate. Expect natural language and clear information in the reports that you receive from us. We always help our clients and are happy to provide further information or explanations about any aspect of PPC management. Why not give our services a try and experience the VIP IT difference?

    Human-Led Management

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, and it has certainly made its mark on PPC marketing. While we make use of AI to enhance our services, we firmly believe in a human-led approach to PPC marketing. Our PPC specialists use the several years of expertise and experience that they have gained to direct client PPC campaigns and make the most of their spend. If you are looking to partner with a PPC consultancy that makes use of AI technology but remains committed to a human-led approach to management, we will be a great fit for your business.

    Why Businesses Choose VIP IT


    Our PPC campaigns are planned and managed by professional and qualified professionals. All campaigns are overseen by a Google Ads certified professional with years of experience in PPC marketing. Our specialists are focused on providing high quality PPC services that deliver results.

    Expert Digital Marketers

    Our PPC campaigns are planned and managed by experienced and qualified professionals. All campaigns are overseen by a Google Ads certified professional with years of experience in PPC marketing. Our specialists are focused on providing high quality PPC management services that deliver results.

    Multi-Sector Experience

    Our successful PPC campaigns span across multiple sectors in both the B2B and B2C space. We tailor PPC strategies to suit individual business sectors and their unique features. We have supported clients in various sectors including technology, law, property, and eCommerce to name but a few.


    Every PPC client matters to us. We love nothing more than focusing on our clients and delivering the great results that they deserve. Liam works with clients personally to ensure that they receive the attention that they need to make a success of their PPC marketing campaigns.

    Build Innovative Campaigns

    PPC marketing doesn’t stand still and neither do we at VIP IT. We build and manage innovative PPC campaigns that make use of the latest marketing strategies. This ensures that our clients achieve the best possible return on their investment in ads.

    Tools That We Use

    Our Chosen PPC Tools

    PPC experience and expertise are important but so are the PPC platforms and tools that a PPC agency use to deliver their services. At VIP IT, we use a specially selected suite of PPC tools that help us deliver great results for clients.


    SEMrush is an industry leading digital marketing platform that is trusted by global brands and many PPC companies. We use SEMrush extensively throughout our PPC marketing services for tasks including keyword research, PPC audits and competitor research to name a few.

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics remains one of the best and most accurate way to measure and report on the paid traffic, user behaviour and conversions recorded by a website. We use Google Analytics to inform our PPC campaigns and keep clients informed of progress.


    Adzooma is a powerful all-in-one platform for managing PPC campaigns across different platforms in one place. We use Adzooma to benchmark campaign performance, identify opportunities for improvements, build new campaigns and create informative reports.


    HotJar is an excellent user behaviour and analytics platform that helps businesses understand the user journey and behaviour of each website visitor. We use HotJar to monitor and understand how our clients’ website visitors interact with their website and to identify areas for improvement.

    PPC Management FAQS

    we answer commonly asked PPC questions

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