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Top SEO Tips

29 August 2016
Liam Saunders

As we progress through the summer, we are all presented with a timely opportunity to refresh our website. Whether you have an established business or a startup, you can benefit equally from an SEO refresh. In order to attain and retain a respectable search engine ranking, it is necessary to continually revise your website. In my article I’m going to outline my top five spring SEO tips.

  1. Review Your Website Meta Tags

    Despite various recent Google updates, the vast majority of meta tags have a significant impact on your search engine ranking. The most important meta tags for 2016 are your page title tag, meta description tag and H1 tag. Collectively, these three tags provide a indicate to search engines what your website page contains. Ensuring that they accurately reflect your page content within the recommended character limits should be your priority. In addition to this, it is critical that you do not attempt to force keywords into your meta tags. The most successful websites include strategic keywords in a natural way within their meta tags. For example – Digital Marketing Agency Hampshire – SEO & PPC Specialists is far better than: Digital Marketing Agency – Marketing | Marketing Hampshire | SEO Hampshire | PPC Hampshire.

  2. Improve Your Page Content

    The well-established marketing adage – content is king – is very much relevant today. Ultimately, search engines reward great original content with higher search engine rankings. For a page to be suitably optimised from an SEO perspective, you should aim for a word count of 500 words. Pages with a low word count are not viewed favourably by search engines – think of your word count as a quality signal. If you have a higher word count, a search engine will judge your page favourably. If you currently have a low word count it can be addressed in a number of ways. Firstly, consider adding detailed descriptions to the various elements of your page. Secondly, there is often an opportunity to integrate a blog onto your website – this will improve not only your word count but also your content relevancy. Finally, you could introduce text testimonials onto your website. Adding these will increase customer confidence in your business and elevate your word count.

  3. Update Your Blog

    Having a blog for your business is an excellent way to elevate your search engine rankings because it allows you to share fresh and relevant content with your website visitors while establishing your business as a source of knowledge. A blog however, is only valuable if it is updated regularly. Invariably, many time-poor business owners neglect this task, resulting in content stagnation. Once this stagnation sets in your blog can often be to the detriment of your search engine rankings as it can show that you do not update your website regularly. Generally, I recommend publishing at least three blog articles per month to attain a notable SEO benefit from it. If you are struggling to find blog article topics, review the websites of your competitors.

  4. Ensure That Your Images Have Alt Tags

    A truly staggering number of websites that I review neglect to add Alt tags for each of their images and many business owners feel that it is not important. However, from a search engine viewpoint, it is essential. Search engines are not able to understand image content because their algorithms review the text of your website, so the alt tag of an image is used to understand what an image contains. If you do not include these tags, a search engine will view the image as generic content, resulting in a lower page relevancy and ultimately a lower search engine ranking. Adding alt tags is a fairly simple task, as long as they accurately describe the content of an image they will be very beneficial for your websites SEO.

  5. Check That Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

    Despite a significant number of warnings from Google, there are still a significant number of businesses that have not adopted a mobile-friendly website. While this may be a relatively expensive exercise in the short term, the dividends that it will pay for your long term SEO success are significant. Many digital marketing companies will be able to help you adapt your website. I recommend developing a responsive website (that adapts its content to fit the screen size of the device that it is being viewed on). This will place your business in a great position to deliver a positive user experience to website visitors across the plethora of devices that your visitors will have.

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