Investing In Digital Marketing During COVID-19

Should I Be Investing in Digital Marketing During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

The current situation has forced most businesses to re-evaluate their outgoings. But should you be cutting back on your digital marketing costs? The short answer to this question is that it really does depend on individual circumstances. Some businesses may be best off reducing their marketing budget or at least revising how that budget is

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Coronavirus Digital Marketing Tips

Coronavirus: Digital Marketing Tips To Help Your Business

The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly affected many businesses very badly. Many have been forced to close temporarily, whilst others have had to make major changes to how they operate. A time like this can cause many business owners to feel helpless, worried and frustrated. However, at VIP IT we have a few simple, free Coronavirus

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Up-To-Date Website

Why An Up-To-Date Website Is Important

It is often said that your website is your digital shop window. Ensuring that you have an up-to-date website should be a priority for your business. If your website is an online shop, it displays your products to customers. If you provide a service, your website informs potential clients of the services you offer, as

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Google MyBusiness

How To Optimise Your Google MyBusiness Profile

If you own a business, creating an optimised Google MyBusiness (GMB) profile is one of the first tasks that you should consider completing as part of your digital marketing efforts. It offers you the ability to increase your visibility in local searches and provide customers with key information about your business such as your website

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