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WordPress websites constitute 45% of websites globally, and WordPress remains the website platform of choice for many businesses, both large and small. Its flexibility, user-friendly interface, powerful integrations with other business tools and SEO friendly features continue to boost its popularity. Whether your business is looking to make the move to WordPress from another platform or build its first website, WordPress is an excellent choice.

At VIP IT, we have been building and supporting WordPress websites for over 8 years and have gained an in-depth knowledge of their inner workings. As a leading WordPress website design agency, we know how to make the most of WordPress to elevate your business online. It's time to supercharge your online presence with a commercially focused WordPress website.

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How We Can Help With WordPress Web Design

While many web design companies claim to know WordPress, we really do have the experience and expertise to build not only modern and responsive websites, but websites that deliver real business results. We have built WordPress websites for businesses throughout the UK in many sectors, including finance, construction, professional services, and property to name but a few.

Our WordPress website designers work on a select number of website projects throughout the year. We very much prioritise quality over quantity and take the time to understand your website requirements and your target clients/customers. When it comes to WordPress, we are true specialists that create websites that work.

By choosing VIP IT as your WordPress website design agency, your business will benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in all things WordPress. We have invested in an industry-leading website platform to build and manage WordPress websites, which combined with our specialists, allows us to offer high-quality WordPress website design services for ambitious and growing SMEs. Why not book a free consultation to discuss your website project with us?

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Our WordPress Website Services


Our WordPress website specialists love helping businesses make the most of WordPress. Whether you require professional WordPress web design, WordPress website maintenance or a WordPress website audit, we are here to help. If you are ready to elevate your online presence, our specialists are well placed to help.

WordPress Web

Our WordPress web design service creates modern, responsive and commercially focused websites for ambitious and growing SMEs. We take care of every stage of the web design process to create a professional website that elevates your business online.

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WordPress Website Maintenance

Keep your website performing at its best with our WordPress website maintenance service. Our WordPress specialists will professionally maintain your website so it functions as it should and provides a great user experience to your potential clients/customers.

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WordPress Website

Take the first step towards improving your WordPress website and gain a specialist’s perspective on its performance. Our specialists will review the security, functionality and performance of your website and prepare a report of key issues and recommendations.

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We Are Trusted By Established Businesses

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During this complimentary consultation, we will explore how our WordPress website services can help drive your business's online growth. In the meantime, let our existing clients do the talking. Visit our Success Stories page to gain an insight into what our existing clients have to say about us and our services.

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WordPress Web Design


Our professional WordPress web design service is built for ambitious and growing businesses. We develop modern, responsive, and commercially focused WordPress websites that deliver real business results. Our websites are built using an industry-leading website platform that offers great flexibility, reliability, and a user-friendly interface. We can advise you as to the optimal WordPress setup for your business, including the choice of plugins and website host. Businesses that choose us as their WordPress website design agency benefit from our WordPress expertise and proven process that we use to develop WordPress websites. We collaborate closely with our clients throughout the design process to create websites that exceed expectations. Close communication is maintained through our chosen project management platform, which also provides a live timeline view to keep clients informed of our progress.

We take care of every stage of the WordPress web design process, from the initial website migration and WordPress setup through to the design of the header, footer, blog template, portfolio template and website pages. Our WordPress web designers bring a wealth of experience into every website project and can advise on every aspect of your new WordPress website including its design, setup, security, and optimal use of WordPress plugins. It really is a complete service that is firmly focused on creating a great website that elevates your business online. If you need a WordPress website design company that you can count on, VIP IT is likely to be a great choice for your business. We work closely with clients to support them every step of the way. Don’t just take our word from it: review our success stories and hear from businesses that we have helped.

If you will need to migrate your website from another platform, we have everything covered. We will usually develop your WordPress website within a separate temporary environment to minimise disruption to your live website and transfer it once it is completed. In advance of the website go-live, we will complete a series of pre-launch checks to ensure that issues such as broken links and general compatibility issues are resolved prior to the launch of your website. Our in-house SEO expertise means that we are well placed to advise on and assist with any SEO migration requirements. This ensures that any disruption to your SEO is proactively managed by an SEO specialist. This is one of the ways that we stand out from the many WordPress web designers that businesses can choose from.

As with any aspect of digital marketing, a set it and forget it approach will never deliver the results that your business strives for. Once your website has been built by us, we are here to support you with its on-going management and promotion. We offer WordPress website management, SEO management and PPC management services to help your business thrive online. We are ready to help your business develop a professional and business focused WordPress website, so get in touch with us to discuss your requirements today.

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WordPress Website Maintenance


Building your WordPress website is just the first step, and for it to continue to deliver great results for your business, it must be professionally maintained by specialists with WordPress know-how. You would not drive your car without maintaining it, so why risk running your WordPress website without maintenance? The risks of not maintaining your website are significant: its security, functionality and performance can all be compromised with varying levels of consequences. All of which could cost your business valuable time and of course money. When there is so much at stake, why not commit to keeping your website in good order with the help of our specialists.

Our WordPress website maintenance packages have been developed to take care of all your WordPress maintenance needs so you can focus on your business. We take care of everything from WordPress core and WordPress plugin updates through to updating page content and even designing new website pages. We will proactively maintain your website and do everything that we can to minimise security risks, ensure that your website functions as it should and is performing at its very best. Taking care of these critical WordPress website maintenance tasks ensures that your website can deliver a great experience to potential clients/customers which maximises opportunities for your business to secure valuable enquiries and sales online. You can rest assured that we take a proactive approach. While we will be there to help you if you need us, we are all about taking care of the maintenance so that you don’t have to worry.

By choosing our WordPress website maintenance services, your business will be able to use WordPress without worrying. Whether you have changes to make to your website or a pressing issue that needs to resolved, our WordPress website maintenance specialists can handle it. We include everything that is needed to maintain your website for one easy monthly fee. Contact our specialists today to discuss how we can support your business with one of our WordPress website maintenance packages.

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WordPress Website Audit


When was the last time that your business took the time to review its WordPress website? Over time the security, functionality and performance of a website can degrade. This is especially the case if you do not have a specialist in place who takes care of your WordPress website maintenance. Why risk the success of your business on a website that is not performing at its very best? You could have issues on your website that are detracting your potential clients/customers. Our WordPress specialists can review your website and provide an accurate assessment of its overall security, functionality, and performance.

Following our review, you will receive a report on your WordPress website that highlights key issues and details any recommendations that we have. Equipped with this knowledge, you will be able to either resolve the issues yourself or engage with our WordPress specialists, who can fix them for you. Whether you require an independent assessment and no further support or you decide to opt for one of our WordPress website maintenance plans, we are here to help. In both cases, you will get a specialist perspective on the performance of your website and be clear about which issues you need to address.

Our WordPress website audit service is suitable for growing SMEs looking to get the most from their WordPress website or in-house marketing teams that would benefit from a specialist perspective on their website. By choosing an audit from us, you will gain a truly independent view on your website. The audit service reviews many areas of your website including its security, functionality, and performance. In terms of security, we check your SSL setup, theme integrity, plugin setup and dashboard. Whereas for functionality, we ensure that your website is working as it should for prospective clients/customers. When it comes to performance, we investigate issues including page load speed and accordance with Google best practice.

Our specialists are here to help your business. We can do so much more than just auditing your WordPress website. We can also support your business with resolving identified issues, actioning website recommendations and even helping you secure more enquiries/sales through SEO or PPC management. Why not benefit from our expertise across many sectors and engage with us further?

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What Our Valued Clients Say

  • Caroline Bartholomew
    I have been very impressed with the service provided by VIP IT in designing and building our new website. The calls to action are already proving to be really effective in capturing valuable enquiries. The whole project went very smoothly from start to finish, and I was impressed with Liam’s knowledge and creative ideas. I can really recommend VIP IT. Many thanks for doing a great job!
    Caroline Bartholomew
    Marketing Manager at Asset Advantage
  • Ros Butterwick
    Since taking over the management of our SEO and Google Ads campaigns in March 2022, VIP IT have transformed our website into a significant source of leads for our business. We have secured new business from our digital marketing, a large proportion with companies that match our target client profile. We see VIP IT as a trusted partner that we look forward to continuing to work with.
    Ros Butterwick
    Sales Director at Impact Call Centre
  • Sarena Harwood
    Ward Williams HR have used VIP IT for a range of digital marketing services from designing and building our new website to defining our SEO strategy. Our new website has a lower bounce rate and increased website traffic. I cannot recommend them enough, always on hand to offer support and answer any questions. As well as very knowledgeable and they offer ideas and solutions to suit our needs.
    Sarena Harwood
    Group Marketing Manager at Ward Williams
  • Michael Gale
    Liam created a successful online strategy with us that boosted our SEA & SEO. We see significantly better results from our Pay-Per-Click and & Display Advertising campaigns, and our SEO scores are improving every month. Resulting in more qualitative leads for our sales reps in the UK. Overall, VIP IT improved the visibility and competitiveness of Pan Oston in Great Britain and Ireland.
    Michael Gale
    Marketeer at Pan Oston BV
  • Mark Hodgkinson
    The team at VIP IT really take an interest in your business. They’ve helped me analyse where we want our business to grow and given a clear map of how to get there. Our website traffic for CFone is up by 1000% since working with Liam and his team of professionals. If you want your business to excel, make contact with VIP IT your customers and your business will reward you for it.
    Mark Hodgkinson
    Director of Operations at CFone Communications
  • Mark Cooper
    Liam interpreted our requirements, which weren’t easy, and modified the website accordingly. Very flexible and professional service, with great patience whilst we refined our needs. Highly recommended.
    Mark Cooper
    Director at Executive Solutions Consultancy

    Elements Of Great WordPress Web Design


    Our WordPress specialists are familiar with all aspects of WordPress web design. We know what it takes to design, build, and maintain a successful WordPress website and are ready to help your business. We incorporate many important elements into our WordPress web designs, from an industry leading website platform and responsive design through to great page templates and strong SEO fundamentals. Discover more about each element below.

    Responsive & Mobile-Friendly

    Having a website that is both responsive and mobile friendly is critical in a world where your target clients/customers are likely to visit your website from a range of different devices. While many websites appear to be responsive or mobile-friendly, few provide a great user experience across all devices. We build WordPress websites that prioritise user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The responsive nature of the websites that we create ensures that your content adapts to each device while maintaining a professional appearance.

    Industry Leading Website Platform

    Nothing but the very best will do for our clients, so we have invested in an industry leading website platform for WordPress that helps us to create and maintain great websites. Our chosen platform offers design flexibility and platform stability in equal measure so we can create professional and modern designs with a commercial focus. The feature rich nature of the platform reduces the need for separate WordPress plugins, which also improves website performance. It’s time to leave slow, unreliable page builders behind and experience WordPress at its best.

    Strong SEO Fundamentals

    Not every website is equipped with the strong SEO fundamentals that you need to get started. We draw on our extensive experience as an SEO agency to put the fundamentals in place, taking care of aspects including website structure, setup, performance, and layout. These SEO fundamentals provide firm foundations for your website to flourish but are best supplemented by a complete SEO management service post-launch. Discover how our SEO management and consultancy services can help your business succeed at SEO.

    Fully Editable Design

    WordPress websites should be easy to edit but they rarely are in practice. Far too many website design agencies will restrict your access to your websites, so you have to return to them for updates. We firmly believe in providing full access to every aspect of your WordPress website. Our clients enjoy a fully editable design with no restrictions. This does not mean that we are not here to support you. We can manage all your website updates as part of our WordPress website maintenance service but also give you the option to edit your website.

    Page, Post & Portfolio Templates

    Every great WordPress website has great page and post templates at its heart. These templates are key to maintaining design consistency and also speeding up the process of creating new pages and posts as your business evolves. As part of our WordPress web design service, we will create professional page, post and portfolio templates that match your brand and appeal to your target audience. These templates can be easily re-used and edited to suit your changing business needs, which reduces the need for expensive re-designs or re-builds.

    Great User Experience

    User experience is everything and delivering a great experience to potential clients/customers will make all the difference. Our WordPress websites are built with user experience in mind as this is important not only to your clients/customers but also to your SEO as user experience is considered by search engines. You can expect lovely layouts, professional designs and clear CTAs that capture the attention of your target audience. When you invest in a VIP IT website, you can rest assured that user experience will be taken care of.

    Excellent Website Loading Speed

    No one wants to be waiting endlessly for a website to load. Your prospective clients/customers expect a fast website and so do search engines. We use an industry leading website platform to streamline plugin use and supercharge the loading speed of WordPress websites. We also use advanced website speed optimisation plugins and caching configurations to further improve website load speed. Our WordPress websites are lightweight, optimised, and fast to load.

    Powerful Plugins

    WordPress plugins offer a world of possibilities but also many pain points, especially if you select an unsuitable or unreliable plugin. Our WordPress specialists have experience with many plugins and know which plugins will best suit your business needs. If a website feature is not provided by our chosen website platform, we can advise you on and select powerful plugins to provide it. Our expert advice ensures that your website performance and user experience remain excellent.

    Our WordPress Website Portfolio

    Explore our recent wordpress websites

    We love creating commercially focused WordPress websites for both B2B and B2C businesses. Our WordPress web design specialists have built WordPress websites for businesses across the UK in many sectors, including finance, construction, professional services, and property to name but a few. Why not browse a selection of the websites that we have built in the gallery below.

    Benefits Of WordPress Web Design With VIP IT


    Choosing a WordPress web design agency can be a significant step for many businesses. Finding the right WordPress specialists to work with can make all the difference to the quality of your website. When there are so many factors to consider, businesses are right to take their time and choose the company that best suits them. We offer a free consultation to all prospective clients so they can find out if we are the right fit.  VIP IT is different from many other WordPress web design companies and can help your business succeed.  Discover some of the reasons why businesses choose to partner with us.

    WordPress Web Design Specialists

    All our WordPress websites are designed, built, and maintained by WordPress web design specialists. We know the WordPress platform inside and out and are best placed to make the most of its many great features. Our specialists are ready to help you create a commercially focused WordPress website for your business.

    Multi-Sector Experience

    We have built successful WordPress websites for businesses across a diverse range of sectors. Our website portfolio covers many sectors, from finance and construction through to professional services and property. Whichever sector your business operates within, we can help you get a website that works.


    At VIP IT, every client matters to us. The website development process can be very involved and requires careful client-focused management. We use a combination of our project management software, regular update checkpoints and our specialist expertise to deliver websites that businesses love.

    Proactive Website Support

    Once your website has been built and launched, it is not the end of the process. Successful WordPress websites require regular updates and continuous refinement to deliver results. We offer proactive support for clients in the form of our WordPress website maintenance service.


    we answer commonly asked WORDPRESS WEBSITE DESIGN questions

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