How To Improve Your SEO

How To Improve Your SEOEffective SEO is key to getting your website seen online. Whether you are starting from scratch or are already optimising your website, there are always things that can be done to improve your SEO. Whether it is reviewing your keywords, improving your website’s usability, building new landing pages or updating your blog strategy.

Committing to improving your SEO will pay dividends for your business in the future with the right strategy. Every business wants more organic traffic, enquiries/leads and sales but few have the right strategy in place to deliver the best possible results. Find out how to improve your SEO with our SEO strategy ideas. 

Review Your Keywords

Keyword research should always be carried out when you plan your SEO strategy. It forms the basis of your strategy and provides focus. However, you should review your focus keywords periodically for a number of reasons.

Changing Search Trends: The things people search for online change over time. Short-term trends may occur in response to current affairs, for example. These can provide opportunities for blog articles or landing pages to capture new sources of organic traffic. Longer-term trends change with factors such as the economy, consumer demands and behavioural patterns or habits.

Your SEO Performance: When carrying out keyword research for the first time, it is important to begin with those keywords that are A) highly relevant to your business (i.e. specific products or services, locations and questions) and B) realistic. High-volume, competitive keywords may be out of reach for a smaller brand with a new website. However, as your SEO improves, those more ambitious keywords become easier to rank for. 

Changes in Your Business: As your business evolves, so should your SEO strategy. As you offer new products and services to new audiences, your keyword strategy will need to adapt. 

Assess Your Website’s Usability 

Effective SEO is not just about keywords. Website usability is now a major factor in how Google ranks website pages, so it’s really important that your website is working properly. There are a number of things to consider when assessing and improving your website’s usability:

Load Speed: Nobody likes a slow website. What is a source of frustration for your website visitors will also damage your website’s SEO. Slower websites tend to have a higher bounce rate, because people will often get bored of waiting and leave the website before it even loads. Make sure your images are compressed and any unnecessary plugins are removed. 

Checkout Experience: Checkouts that are slow, clunky or don’t work are a major source of frustration for your customers. Ultimately, they are much more likely to simply leave and shop elsewhere than they are to contact customer service in order to resolve the issue. When people can’t complete actions on your website, it means they spend less time on your website and it also impacts your conversion rate. Make sure your checkout process is easy, simple and streamlined into as few steps as possible. 

Navigation: Can people find what they are looking for easily? E-commerce websites in particular need to be well-organised. People who can navigate a website easily will be more likely to find what they are looking for and make a purchase or enquiry. They are also more likely to return to your website the next time they need something. 

Broken Links: Isn’t it annoying when you click on a link, only to be met with an Error 404 page? Broken links on your website can damage your SEO, so try to either remove or fix them. 

Copy: Is your website copy eye-catching and informative? Does it give users the information they are looking for clearly and succinctly? Well-written copy is more likely to be read and engaged with, so it’s worth tweaking it from time to time to ensure it is as good as it can be. 

Consider Building New Landing Pages

Landing pages can help improve your SEO because they can help your website to rank for more, specific keywords and they can also provide a great user experience. Carry out keyword research to see if there are any for which you could create a landing page.

Update Your Blog Strategy

Blogging is a highly effective way of improving your SEO. When you have a well-planned blogging strategy based on your keyword research, it can help your website to rank higher for a wider range of keywords.

However, like the rest of your SEO strategy, your blog content plan should be reviewed periodically. Check that your blog topics are still reflective of the products and services you offer, and that they are targeting the right audience. Carry out fresh keyword research and look for topics or questions being searched by your audience.

Professional SEO Experts

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