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SEO is key to getting found by potential clients/customers when they are searching for products/services. If you are not visible to potential customers when they search for valuable keywords, you are missing out on valuable opportunities to win new business. We help businesses in Hampshire and across the UK to increase their visibility, grow organic traffic, and generate more enquiries and sales. When it comes to SEO in Hampshire – as is the case in business – there are no shortcuts to success. Instead, you will require a carefully crafted SEO strategy that is put into practice by SEO experts with the experience and expertise required to deliver excellent SEO results.

If you are committed to growing your business and getting ahead of your competition, it is time to get serious about SEO. At VIP IT we set the shortcuts aside and employ our proven processes and techniques to grow your online visibility and get you found online. We have delivered successful SEO campaigns across a wide range of sectors including technology, manufacturing, property, retail, marketing, law and hospitality to name but a few. While every sector and business are unique, every campaign has something in common: We only ever follow Google best practice and employ ethical SEO strategies to help our clients succeed.

By choosing to work with VIP IT, you will only ever work with an experienced SEO expert. No ifs, no buts. We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our work and strive to deliver excellent results for every business that we work with. Why not book a free consultation with us to find out how we can help your business with SEO?

SEO Management

Investing in a comprehensive SEO management service is the most effective way to enhance your online visibility, grow your organic traffic and generate more enquiries/sales. Our service is focused on delivering long-term sustainable growth by crafting a personalised SEO strategy for your business and implementing it with the care and attention that your business deserves. This service requires a minimum of a six-month commitment and is for businesses that are looking for a long-term marketing partnership to help them grow. Businesses that commit to SEO and work with us in a close partnership will benefit the most from SEO and achieve a great return on their investment.

The VIP IT SEO management service starts with comprehensive keyword and competitor keyword research and the agreement of target keywords that match your business priorities followed by a full website audit to identify SEO issues that are present on your website. From here, the campaign advances into the management stage, where we complete on-page, technical and off-page SEO tasks on your behalf. Our SEO service does not stop there, we also help optimise content across your website and can even prepare content on your behalf for maximum SEO impact.

If you are serious about growing your business and improving your online presence, on-going SEO management is the route to success. Why not book a free consultation with us to discuss how SEO management can help your business outrank its competitors?

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One-Off SEO Optimisation

One-off SEO optimisation is a more affordable way to access SEO help for your business. We want to make SEO as accessible as possible and provide an alternative for businesses that may not be ready for the commitment that our full SEO management service entails. Our one-off service is not suitable for all businesses, with its suitability depending on your website and its current health. We are happy to review your website and advise you as to the suitability of one-off SEO for your business and its specific circumstances during an SEO consultation. For businesses that can benefit from one-off SEO, it can provide a valuable springboard to increased visibility by using many of the SEO techniques and tools that we deploy in our flagship SEO service.

The one-off SEO service starts with comprehensive keyword research and a website audit to identify SEO issues that are present on your website. Following on from this, the service advances to focused on-page and technical SEO optimisation. This will include optimising the existing content on your website. By choosing a one-off SEO optimisation, your business will be elevated to the best possible position for future search engine success. After we have completed our one-off project, it is over to you to take over creating content on an on-going basis. You may of course choose to then upgrade to our full SEO management service to benefit from our on-going expertise.

SEO Audit

In order to improve your SEO, you will require an accurate assessment of where your website is before you can craft a successful strategy to get it to where it needs to be. Getting an external perspective on your SEO will help you to gain an objective overview of your website health while also uncovering opportunities of where it can be improved. Our SEO audit service is particularly popular with in-house marketing teams looking for an external perspective on their SEO efforts but is equally well suited to any business that requires an independent view on their SEO performance.

The SEO audit service includes a comprehensive website report detailing the key SEO issues that are present on your website. This is complimented by advanced analysis from one of our SEO experts alongside clear and actionable recommendations that can be put into practice to enhance your SEO. If you are serious about improving your SEO visibility and generating valuable enquiries and sales, our SEO audit is a great place to start. Why not benefit from our years of SEO experience across multiple sectors and set your business onto a path of SEO growth? You may find that you require further support to achieve SEO growth, in which case we will be able to support your business further with either our SEO management or one-off SEO optimisation services.

Hampshire SEO

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Elements Of SEO

Our SEO specialists have expertise and experience in the key areas of SEO that are required for SEO success. We are adept at every area from keyword research and on-page SEO through to technical SEO and off-page SEO. Find out more about each key area.


Keyword research is the critical first step in every SEO process. By identifying suitable and valuable keywords, your business will know what it needs to target in order to reach its ideal customers. At the keyword research stage, we take account of a range of factors when choosing keywords from search volume and competition through to business priorities and competitor keywords. We complete detailed keyword research at the start of every campaign and on an on-going basis for our valued SEO management clients.


On-page SEO continues to play an important role in determining how well websites rank in search engines for their target keywords. It is all too common for websites to look modern and attractive but to not be optimised, which makes them invisible to potential customers. Typical on-page SEO optimisation includes optimising existing website content with relevant keywords in headings and copy while also adding ALT texts to images. Preparing optimised meta data in another key element of on-page SEO that we focus on.


Content is very much still king, and it has great influence on how visible your website is. Preparing new optimised content in the form of pages, service pages, case studies and blog/news articles is a great way to reach potential customers and improve your keyword rankings. By creating and publishing content regularly you can get ahead of your competition and improve your visibility.  We help clients by optimising existing website content and preparing new optimised content. In both cases we work in close partnership with clients to ensure that any content produced is suitable for their target audience.


Technical SEO is an important discipline within SEO and is concerned with improving the technical SEO health of your website. The technical SEO health of a website is determined by the extent to which it complies with SEO best practice. When a website is not fully compliant with SEO best practice there will be SEO issues in the background that are affecting it. The higher your website’s technical SEO health is, the higher the chances are of it being visible for your target keywords. We complete SEO audits for clients to determine the SEO health of their websites and strive to resolve SEO issues wherever possible.


Off-page SEO is all about the SEO practices that are undertaken external to your website that can improve its online visibility. The key elements of off-page SEO include gaining relevant backlinks, guest posting and securing reviews to name but a few. We develop proactive off-page SEO strategies for clients that increase their website authority and grow their organic traffic. For many clients, their off-page SEO activities will include backlinking, guest posting and reviews although these vary depending on their website and their business.


Remaining informed of the progress and important trends that relate to a website are key to the success of an SEO campaign. By analysing data from platforms including SEMrush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and HotJar, it is possible to monitor progress and identify useful trends that can be used to inform SEO activities. We provide our SEO clients with monthly reports that outline our progress in terms of keyword rankings, organic traffic, conversions, and technical SEO health. While we have reporting templates, we develop reports that are tailored to each individual client.

Hampshire SEO Services


Become visible to potential customers searching for the products/services that you offer within Hampshire with our Hampshire SEO services. We can also help you to gain local visibility within other counties, areas and towns that are relevant to your business with a carefully crafted local SEO strategy.


Gain valuable visibility to potential customers that are searching for the products/services that you provide nationwide. National SEO campaigns are suitable for businesses that operate across the UK and are serious about improving their keyword rankings, organic traffic, and enquires/sales.


Our international SEO service is suited to businesses based outside of the UK that are looking to become visible in the UK. We have all the expertise and experience required to help businesses based abroad to effectively target the UK market and develop a strong SEO presence that grows with their business.


SEO is key to growing the online visibility, website traffic and sales of an eCommerce business. We help new and growing eCommerce businesses to capitalise on SEO opportunities and access new potential customers UK-wide. We have experience with a range of eCommerce platforms including Shopify and WooCommerce.


It is all too common for businesses to invest a significant proportion of their marketing budget in a new website and not consider how they are going to become visible to potential customers/clients. We help businesses gain online visibility and establish the strong SEO fundamentals required to generate enquiries/sales.

Platforms That We Use

SEO experience and expertise are important but so are the SEO platforms and tools that an SEO company use to deliver their services. At VIP IT, we use a specially selected suite of SEO platforms that help us deliver great results for clients.


SEMrush is an industry leading digital marketing platform that is trusted by global brands and many SEO companies. We use SEMrush extensively throughout our SEO services for tasks including keyword research, SEO audits and backlink research to name a few.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics remains the best and most accurate way to measure and report on the organic traffic, user behaviour and conversions recorded by a website. We use Google Analytics to direct our SEO campaigns and keep clients informed of progress.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a key tool for every SEO professional as it provides a useful interface with the world’s leading search engine. We use Google Search Console to measure organic performance and identify Google issues as and when they arise.


HotJar is an excellent user behaviour and analytics platform that helps businesses understand the user journey and behaviour of each website visitor. We use HotJar to monitor and understand how our clients’ website visitors interact with their website and to identify areas for improvement.

Google Analytics
Google Search Console

Platforms That We Work With

We have worked with a wide range of website platforms and content management systems (CMS’s) over many years of delivering successful SEO campaigns. We are not limited to any specific platforms and have also worked with a number of custom CMS’s. Every platform/CMS has its own SEO challenges, and we have the expertise and experience to help you overcome these and achieve search engine success.

The key platforms that we have worked with include:

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • WooCommerce
  • Joomla
  • Custom CMS’s

Why Choose VIP IT For SEO In Hampshire?

Finding an SEO company to partner with is rarely easy and with so many different factors to consider, it is wise to choose your Hampshire SEO partner carefully. We believe that VIP IT is different from the many other SEO companies in the county and has a great range of services that help ambitious and growing businesses. At VIP IT we have all the expertise and experience required to help you succeed online.

Years of experience

We have been helping businesses improve their online visibility, grow organic traffic and generate enquiries/sales since 2015.

Focused on delivering results

We recognise that improved keyword rankings is not a key metric for businesses. We focus on delivering real business results including increasing enquiries/sales

Qualified/accredited professionals

We only ever want the best and most capable people delivering SEO for our clients. Our team have gained valuable qualifications and accreditations.

Value successful long-term partnerships

We seek to develop long-term partnerships with each and every SEO client that are based on honesty, trust and on-going success

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Why should you work with a Hampshire SEO company?

By choosing to work with a professional Hampshire SEO company like VIP IT, your business will have access to all the expertise and experience that it will need to improve its keyword rankings, grow organic traffic, and generate enquiries/sales. If you are also based in Hampshire, you will also have the option to arrange face to face meetings with us to discuss the progress of your SEO campaign.

Can I do SEO myself without your help?

It is possible to optimise a website without help from an SEO specialist. However, if you are not experienced and knowledgeable about all areas of SEO it is easy to not make any progress or at worst actually damage your website’s visibility. By partnering with a professional SEO company, you can rest assured that your website is being optimised according to SEO best practice and that all opportunities to increase your visibility are being considered. We develop successful long-term partnerships with our SEO clients based on trust, honesty, and collaboration to help businesses make the most of their website.

How long does it take to see results?

Every website is different with its own individual SEO health score, content, and unique challenges. Many external factors also affect the timeframe for results including the level of competition and the resources that you invest in SEO. For many of our clients, they typically see some results after three months of SEO with most reporting the best results between six months and a year after starting an SEO campaign.

Is it worth investing in SEO?

SEO is a great way to become visible to potential clients, drive them to your website and secure enquiries/sales. Most businesses report a positive impact on their business results within a six-to-twelve-month timeframe. The greatest returns are delivered after an extended period of SEO management, and it requires an on-going commitment in order to deliver the best possible results. Businesses that commit to and invest in long-term SEO will benefit the most and achieve the best results.

How much does SEO cost?

The exact cost of an SEO campaign depends on a range of factors including the health of your website, competitiveness of your sector/industry and the keywords that you are looking to target. We offer a range of SEO management packages with price ranges to provide a guide as to the likely cost of a campaign. The exact price is subject to a review of your website by one of our specialists, after which we will provide a written proposal with pricing for your individual website.

Who creates SEO content?

Creating optimised content that is beneficial to your website’s SEO often involves close collaboration between our specialists and your business. We can either optimise content that you provide to us or create content on your behalf (this may involve an additional cost). Where we are creating content for your business, we may need to organise online meetings to discuss blog topics and ask questions relating to the content that we are creating.

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