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Despite what you may think, email marketing remains an incredibly attractive online marketing proposition. The use of emails is now ubiquitous in business and this presents a unique opportunity to engage with professionals and market your products and services. To learn more about how we can help you, simply click the service descriptions in the section below.

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Service Descriptions

Email Marketing Management

Email Marketing Management

Our email marketing management service caters to businesses that wish to invest in an ongoing email marketing campaign. We will work with you on a month-by-month basis to design attractive marketing emails that convey your business’s message and generate leads. We use the industry leading email marketing platform MailChimp to design, deliver and measure all our campaigns. Every campaign that we create is mobile friendly – it will adjust to suit the screen size of the device that it is viewed on.

In addition to the design and delivery aspect of the service, we have taken the lead in developing a custom reporting process that empowers you to choose a reporting format and frequency that works for you and your business. Many of our existing customers choose either a weekly or monthly report, but feel free to request something else and we will always aim to accommodate you. You may well be surprised by the quality of our reports – we do not just provide you with a jumble of meaningless numbers. All our reports include campaign-specific analysis from an experienced digital marketing professional who will explain what the results mean for you and your business. No service at VIP IT is complete without our support offering – it is our goal to provide you with truly unforgettable support, a service that is responsive to your needs and delivered in record time.

Campaign Creation

Campaign Creation

Getting started with email marketing is where many businesses encounter problems. It is not easy to develop a campaign without prior experience. Our creation service is a short term version of our ongoing management service. We will do everything that we do in our management service but just for a single campaign. Although we would always recommend a long term approach to email marketing, it is possible to achieve fantastic results in a short time period. This service suits businesses that may not want to commit to an ongoing investment in email marketing and those that wish to launch a campaign for a specific event or change within their business.

Once we have delivered your campaign, we will produce a comprehensive campaign report detailing the outcomes of our efforts. You will also be able to arrange a results meeting with us at your convenience to discuss the campaign outcomes in greater detail.

Email Marketing Audit

Email Marketing Audit

Have you been running your own email marketing campaigns or have you entrusted your campaign to another digital marketing agency? Perhaps it is time for you to gain an independent viewpoint of these efforts. Our audit service will provide you with an impartial review of its performance. You can be assured of receiving the truth with us. Every single relationship that our business has built is based upon unwavering integrity and trust – misleading customers is not something that we do under any circumstances. If your current marketing agency is delivering great results for you and your business we will tell you. Our service includes a detailed performance report with advanced analysis and a clear opinion as to whether your current email marketing efforts are delivering for your business. This information will be accompanied by a number of recommendations that you can put into practice straight away.

Email Marketing Training

Email Marketing Training

We realise that some businesses may want to undertake their own digital marketing activities, particularly if you have a strong in-house marketing team. That does not of course prevent you from gaining external guidance. Our training service will empower you to create and deliver a successful email marketing strategy. We will share our knowledge and expertise in an engaging way so you can develop email excellence in-house. You will be trained by an experienced email marketing professional across a series of empowering workshops. During your workshops we always provide an opportunity for you to seek guidance from our expert, so think about areas where you need guidance or have questions in advance of your training. Either follow our prescribed training (which includes email design, campaign optimisation and email measurement) or suggest topics that you would like to explore.

All our training workshops are delivered at your business premises, so there is no need to factor in travel time or expense. Simply relax in your place of work and allow us to start you on a positive email marketing journey.

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Our email marketing services are delivered by experieneced email professionals, with expertise in areas such as graphic design and lead generation. We will help you to generate leads from your emails.


We will manage your email marketing campaigns as if they were our own, taking care of every aspect of their management. You can be assured of a proactive management approach that delivers consistent results.


You are able to choose the frequency of the reports that we provide on your email  campaigns. Whether you would like a weekly update or a monthly summary we will cater to whatever is most convenient for you.


We pride ourselves on our customer service, rest assured that we will answer any and every question or query that you may have in respect of your email marketing. Simply get in touch and we will get back to you.

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