Should I Be Investing in Digital Marketing During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Investing In Digital Marketing During COVID-19

The current situation has forced most businesses to re-evaluate their outgoings. But should you be cutting back on your digital marketing costs? The short answer to this question is that it really does depend on individual circumstances.

Some businesses may be best off reducing their marketing budget or at least revising how that budget is spent. Other businesses, however, would be advised to actually increase their investment in digital marketing efforts, at least in certain areas. This article outlines some ways in which you might want to consider adapting your digital marketing budget and provides some useful tips for making the most of your budget when investing in digital marketing.

Don’t Abandon Your Digital Marketing!

Even if your business is currently closed (as most leisure and hospitality businesses are), you should still be doing some form of digital marketing. However, you should re-consider which types of digital marketing you focus on as well as how much you spend.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is still really important, even if your business is currently closed or offering only a very limited service or product range. Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term effort that must be continually maintained for it to work effectively. It is what pushes your website up to the first page of Google when someone searches for keywords relevant to your business.

For example, a digital marketing agency offering SEO in the London area would want its website to be on the first page when someone searches for “SEO London” or “digital marketing London” etc. 

It can take a number of weeks or even months for a website to reach the top of Google, and this progress can easily be lost if search engine optimisation is stopped. Therefore, it is a good idea to continue SEO or even look into engaging and SEO professional to work on your website even if your business is not yet able to re-open. This is especially important if your website is your main source of sales or enquiries.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC / Google Ads)

Whether or not PPC advertising is right for your business at this point in time will depend on your business and its circumstances. If you are closed completely for the foreseeable future then it may be best to pause all PPC spending for now. 

However, if you are open then it may be worth using PPC to advertise your business in general or even specific products and services that you are currently able to offer. If you are able to take advance payment for goods or services that you will fulfil at a later date (e.g. holidays, gift vouchers, advance bookings for photoshoots, spa or beauty treatments, etc.) then PPC advertising could be very useful. Just be sure to weigh up your PPC spend with the likely value of the business it will bring in. PPC advertising costs vary significantly depending on the level of competition. 

Social Media Marketing

Your business would probably benefit from having a presence on social media if it doesn’t already have one, so it is worth thinking about which platform(s) would be most suitable. It is usually better to pick one or two and focus on those, rather than attempt to cover all bases.

It is free to use social media, so it can be a good option if your business needs to reduce its costs. However, investing in paid social advertising can give your social media a much-needed boost by helping you grow your audience. Paid social advertising does not need to be expensive and you can control how much you spend, but it definitely helps to do some research and planning first. 

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