What Are Negative Keywords In PPC

What Are Negative Keywords In PPC?

Negative keywords are an essential aspect of any Google Ads or Microsoft Ads campaign. Essentially, using negative keywords can help minimise wasted budget and deliver a higher return on investment. However, there are other ways in which negative keywords can improve your PPC campaign. This blog article outlines what negative keywords are, why they are

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2021 Digital Marketing Strategy

Planning Your 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy

Have you set your business goals for the year ahead? Your marketing is likely to play an important part in achieving those goals, so it’s important that you plan your strategy carefully. This blog highlights four things you should consider when planning your digital marketing strategy for 2021. 1) Link Your Business Goals Your digital

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Investing In Digital Marketing During COVID-19

Should I Be Investing in Digital Marketing During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

The current situation has forced most businesses to re-evaluate their outgoings. But should you be cutting back on your digital marketing costs? The short answer to this question is that it really does depend on individual circumstances. Some businesses may be best off reducing their marketing budget or at least revising how that budget is

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Digital Marketing Agency

How To Choose A Digital Marketing Agency

Business owners face a difficult decision when they are looking to engage a digital marketing agency. There are an abundance of different agencies, each with their own areas of expertise and specialist areas of marketing. You will want to find a digital marketing company that you can trust to work with your business and help

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AdWords Conversion Rates

How To Improve Your AdWords Conversion Rates

Google AdWords is a great marketing platform. When it is utilised correctly, it can be a significant source of clicks, leads and ultimately sales for your business. Unfortunately, not all AdWords campaigns result in conversions. This can be due to a variety of often interconnected factors. If you have launched and run an AdWords campaign

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Landing Pages

4 Ways To Improve Your Landing Pages

If you have engaged in a form of digital marketing, it is likely that your business has either encountered or created landing pages. Landing pages are a great way to tailor the experience that a potential customer receives when they first visit your website. They continue to be a key ingredient of successful digital marketing

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Print Advertising

The End Of The Yellow Pages – Is It Also The End Of Print Media?

It was recently announced that, after more than 50 years, the final edition of the Yellow Pages is to be printed in January 2019. Yell’s abandonment of print in favour of the Internet is a signal to business that times really have changed when it comes to marketing. This article explores the importance of digital

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Digital Marketing Problems

3 Common Digital Marketing Problems And How To Solve Them

Digital marketing is rarely an easy task. Whether you are an experienced marketing professional or a business owner you are likely to encounter a plethora of problems during the pursuit of your marketing goals. The very nature of digital marketing can make what initially appears to be a straightforward process far more challenging. Each digital

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