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The End Of The Yellow Pages – Is It Also The End Of Print Media?

14 September 2017
Rhiannon Harradine

It was recently announced that, after more than 50 years, the final edition of the Yellow Pages is to be printed in January 2019. Yell’s abandonment of print in favour of the Internet is a signal to business that times really have changed when it comes to marketing. This article explores the importance of digital marketing and explains how VIP IT can help you grow your business online.

Print Versus Digital

Print Advertising

Print advertising has its merits. Business cards are great for networking events and roller banners are very useful for trade shows and other events. However, print advertising is less flexible and has far less reach than online advertising, in a number of ways.

Digital Advertising

Social media and AdWords adverts can be targeted at a particular geographical area with the click of a button. This is much quicker and cheaper than posting flyers through every letterbox in that area. For example, a nursery or child minder might seek to target an area with a lot of young families. There would be little point in advertising in areas with high numbers of pensioner households or students, as these people are less likely to be interested in childcare services.

It is also much easier to target potential customers based on other attributes. LinkedIn allows you to target individuals in a particular industry or with a particular job title. For example, an insurance firm may seek to target company directors, and a recruitment agency may seek to target HR managers. This is because these are the types of people most likely to be interested in their services. You decide whom you want the advert to target, and the platform sorts through all the millions of profiles for you. This is much easier than having to gather a list of contacts and sort through them manually.

It is also important to note the relative ease with which digital adverts can be amended. Where online adverts can be edited with the click of a button, re-designing, printing and distributing print material is time-consuming and costly.

Another important point to consider is the ease with which businesses can monitor the success of their advertising campaigns. Google AdWords and social media sites offer useful analytics platforms, which track campaign progress.

For example, Google AdWords allows you to view how many clicks each advert receives and its average position as well as other important details. Print advertising is much more difficult to track because this usually has to be done manually and there is more room for human error.

Are We Seeing the End of Directories?

Yell has taken the decision to fully digitise its directory by offering listings on Yell.com, the online version of the Yellow Pages.

However, the role of advertising on online directories is also arguably in decline. In a digital world increasingly dominated by Google, SEO and PPC are arguably far more important when it comes to growing your business online.

Think about the last time you looked for a product or service online – you probably Googled it and clicked on either a paid or organic listing. Directory listings are generally harder to access and more expensive for businesses to use. Furthermore, it is generally easier to manage PPC campaigns than it is to manage contracts with directories.

Grow Your Business Online with VIP IT

VIP IT specialises in SEO and PPC. Liam Saunders, our digital marketing expert, is Google AdWords certified and has a Masters’ Degree in Project Management, making him a highly competent campaign manager.

He works with clients personally to develop and implement effective campaign strategies, driving leads towards their businesses. We tailor our service to your needs, providing regular campaign reports and offering a flexible approach to campaign management. Contact VIP IT today to request your free SEO report or your free PPC audit.

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