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Planning Your 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy

11 January 2021
Rhiannon Harradine

Have you set your business goals for the year ahead? Your marketing is likely to play an important part in achieving those goals, so it’s important that you plan your strategy carefully. This blog highlights four things you should consider when planning your digital marketing strategy for 2021.

2021 Digital Marketing Strategy

1) Link Your Business Goals

Your digital marketing strategy should play a major part in helping you to achieve your business goals. Think about what your over-arching goals are and how your digital marketing fits into your business strategy. Do you want to sell more of a particular product or service? If so, look into how SEO, Google Ads, social media or email marketing (or a combination of all four) can help you hit that target. 

Break your big goals down into smaller goals, then set deadlines for hitting those min-goals. For example, if you have a target to sell a particular number of a product or service, part of that could include setting a mini-goal to have a particular number of people visit the product’s page on your website, or hitting 50% of that target by a certain date. 

It’s important to be flexible and allow yourself to make changes to your goals and your strategy as required. Don’t plan your entire digital marketing strategy in detail for the entire year  – start by having yearly goals, quarterly targets and a monthly outline of tasks you will need to complete. Plan each week and month in more detail as they come. 

2) Consider Your Budget

Allocate spending to different areas of your strategy – this could be by marketing type (SEO, Google Ads, social media, etc.) or campaign. You may need to be a bit flexible with this and allow for unforeseen circumstances, such as a particular campaign being more or less successful than expected.

Remember that you will need to allocate money to both your ads (e.g. Google Ads or Facebook Ads) and paying your staff or an agency to carry out the work. Most freelancers and agencies will insist that you pay Google or Facebook directly for your ads, whilst paying for the work separately. 

Marketing is an investment – provided you spend money in the right areas and have a sound strategy and skilled people to develop and execute your strategy, you will see a very good return on your investment. However, it’s worth noting that not all marketing leads immediately and directly to sales. Social media in particular is largely aimed at growing your audience and building brand awareness and engagement, which will in turn help you to create and maintain customers. 

3) Reflect On Previous Years

To help you with the above two points, you should take some time to reflect on the previous year, or any previous marketing campaigns or strategies you’ve run in the past. How successful were they? Why? What could have been done better? What did you learn from them? 

Consider how you allocated your marketing budget, and how well that budget was spent. Think about whether you spent too much on one aspect, or not enough on another. Look at your return on investment and use that to guide your budgeting decisions for the year ahead. Just remember that your “return” isn’t necessarily monetary – it could be that you gained a lot of really relevant, engaged followers on your Instagram, or that lots of people signed up to your e-newsletter. These  “returns” on your investment can be used as a springboard to help you generate more sales because you will have invested the time and money into growing your pool of potential customers. 

4) Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Most businesses don’t have the skills or the time to manage all of their digital marketing in-house. Think about where you could outsource some of your marketing and research companies and freelancers who offer the services you require. Take the time to find out which companies can offer you the services you require, and whether they can also help you develop your marketing strategy. Think about whether you require a one-off service or a monthly retainer, and speak to different companies before making a decision – most digital marketing companies offer free initial consultations and quotes. 

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