Why Now Is A Great Time To Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Outsource Your Digital Marketing

There are many reasons why businesses may be reluctant to invest in digital marketing at this time: lockdown restrictions forcing businesses to close and reducing income for those that can open; the generally sluggish nature of January spending and the uncertainty we all face over the next couple of months. However, for many businesses, now is actually a great time to at least begin investigating options to outsource your digital marketing. This blog highlights a few reasons for choosing to outsource your digital marketing this January.

Take Advantage Of Lockdown

Outsourcing your digital marketing requires you to spend some time looking for and talking to different agencies and freelancers. You will need to get a good understanding of what they can offer your business, which industries or services they specialise in, pricing and whether you can work with them effectively. 

Digital marketing is an investment and it’s a vital part of your business, so it is wise to take the time to find the right agency or freelancer for your business. If you wait until April, when your business is likely to be busier (as are most marketing agencies), you will have less time to spend selecting the right company. This in turn could lead to you not getting what you need from your digital marketing. 

If your business is currently closed altogether or you are less busy than usual, there is no harm in doing your research now and getting a few quotes in. Even if you’re not quite ready to kickstart your digital marketing, you should be doing your research and developing an idea of what you need. Most agencies offer free consultations and quotes, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of this when you’re less busy. They may even be able to offer guidance on how digital marketing could help your business during lockdown, as well as after it. 

It Will Save You Time And Improve Your Return-On-Investment

If your business currently does all or some of its marketing in-house (especially if you are a very small business), then you are likely to be spending a lot of time managing your marketing and not necessarily working on your core business. Alternatively, you may find that you do’t have enough time to properly manage your marketing and therefore missing out on potential business. 

Outsourcing your digital marketing to a professional means that your digital marketing is in safe hands and you won’t need to spend so much time managing it yourself. You will not only save time but will also save money in the long run because the money you invest in a marketing professional will give you a bigger return-on-investment than doing it yourself. 

If you are currently using paid social or Google Ads, hiring a specialist in these areas is also likely to increase your return-on-investment because they will be able to spend your advertising budget more efficiently and get better results.

Booking Early Avoids Disappointment

This point is especially important for anyone looking for a one-off service such as a website build, but can also apply to businesses looking for ongoing services. Marketing freelancers in particular will be limited in terms of the amount of work they can take on at once, and at busy times you may have to wait a few weeks before they are able to begin working on your project. 

Beginning your research and contacting marketing professionals now means they are more likely to be able to start working with your business sooner rather than later. You are also more likely to be able to secure the company that is best for your business, instead of having to settle for less. If you wait until your preferred marketing agency is busy, you are likely to have to wait longer or look elsewhere.

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