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SEO ToolsAs a digital marketing agency with a strong SEO focus, many of our clients choose us because we are experts at helping businesses increase their online visibility on search engines such as Google. In order to help our clients improve their SEO efforts, we combine our SEO expertise with a deliberate group of tried and tested SEO tools that help us achieve our clients’ search engine objectives.

If you are doing your own SEO, it is likely that you will have come across some of the tools that we use. If you are using an SEO agency to optimise your website, they will probably use some or all of these tools. In this article, we will explore our favourite SEO tools while also outlining how they are best used to support the achievement of your SEO goals.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is a well-established SEO tool that is a key part of many SEO professionals’ toolkits. Search Console is best described as the main interface between your business’s website and Google, it can help you to measure the SEO performance of your website, diagnose SEO problems and suggest improvements that can make your website more SEO friendly.

In terms of measuring the performance, there is a dedicated section for this within GSC where you can segment your website’s performance by queries, pages, countries, devices and search appearance. The Queries and Pages sections are often the most useful as it allows you to identify queries that are bringing traffic to your website. This information can reveal additional keywords that you can target as part of your SEO strategy. The Pages tab is equally useful in that it identifies your most popular pages, this is crucial if you are evaluating your service pages and blog articles.

For diagnosing SEO problems, Google Search Console is an excellent free tool with unmatched capabilities. Whether you need to confirm whether a page on your website has been indexed, verify your sitemap or identify usability issues, GSC can help. For checking your website’s Google index status you can use a combination of the URL inspection tool, coverage tool and Sitemaps.

The capabilities of GSC go beyond providing status updates: it will also suggest improvements that you can make to your website. In a mobile-first SEO landscape, the mobile usability section provides invaluable insights, including informing you if your page elements are bunched together and if your content is wider than a mobile device screen.


SEMrush is a respected SEO tool with a vast array of features that span most digital marketing channels. Its most useful SEO tools are Site Audit which allows you to identify technical SEO issues on your website and monitor the SEO health of your website, position tracking which provides accurate keyword rankings for your website and On Page SEO checker which delivers optimisation recommendations based on your target keywords, website pages and competitors.

The Site Audit feature is comprehensive. Once it has performed an initial crawl of your website it will grade your website’s SEO health as a percentage while outlining the SEO errors, warnings and notices that are present throughout your website. By resolving these highlighted SEO issues you will be able to improve the technical SEO health of your website, which should also help you to improve your website’s search visibility.

If you are not able to accurately measure your keyword rankings, it will be impossible to evaluate your SEO progress and identify strategies that are working for your business. Fortunately, the position tracking feature excels at doing exactly that by measuring your rankings in the Google Top 100. You are able to view your positions, estimated traffic and visibility for each keyword. This in itself is incredibly useful, but this data is also paired with your competitors’ visibility data so you can benchmark your online visibility against your competitors’ online visibility and track any changes over time. The Competitors Discovery tab adds further insight to your SEO efforts by delivering a map of all your organic search competitors.

Overall, this will provide you with a treasure trove of data that allows you to accurately measure your business’s online visibility while also tracking and gaining intelligence on your competitors’ SEO efforts.

The On Page SEO checker completes our most useful features of SEMrush. The checker provides actionable recommendations for on-page optimisation in seven category areas, from strategy ideas to content ideas. By implementing the recommendations made by the checker, you will be in a strong position to attain higher search engine rankings.

Google MyBusiness

While it is not a traditional SEO tool, recent updates to Google MyBusiness (GMB) have made it increasingly relevant to general and local SEO. GMB is the platform that connects your business to your customers and potential customers who are looking for your products or services. Its offering has been extended far beyond that of a simple maps listing that collects reviews. It is now possible to showcase your services, provide an appointment URL and share your latest updates/content directly in the search results.

Showcasing your services in your GMB profile increases the visibility of your company’s offering while also providing the information in a search-friendly way. You can include an item name, item price and item description. If potential customers can find the information that they are looking for quickly, they are more likely to convert into a customer of your business.

The Appointment URL option offers another opportunity for you to improve your SEO conversion rates. Potential customers who are looking to book an appointment/consultation with you can do so right from your business listing.

Finally with GMB Posts you can share your business’s latest updates and content with people who are searching for your business. We have found that Posts is particularly well suited to sharing a business’s offers, blog posts and important announcements. As it becomes ever harder to reach customers through other digital channels, Posts is a great way to engage with customers when they have a clear interest and search intent.

Google Trends

Finding out what people are searching for in your industry is incredibly valuable information, when you are aware of the top search terms and how the interest in them varies over time you can plan your SEO efforts around them. This information can inform your content calendar for blog posts and your keyword research.

We often use Google Trends to inform content calendars and plan our on-page optimisation efforts. You can also use the tool to identify rising topics that are yet to reach their peak interest levels. If you are quick, you may be able to use this information to create content that your competitors may not have thought of and gain a search advantage.

A simple search is all it takes to uncover rich insights from Google that you can refine by country, time period and search category. The next time that you are struggling to generate ideas for your content calendar or refine your keyword research try using Google tends.

We Combine Tried And Tested SEO Tools With Our Expertise To Deliver For Our Clients

If you are looking for a Hampshire SEO agency that uses a great collection of SEO tools alongside proven experience to deliver ROI focused SEO campaigns, then look no further. Our clients can rest assured that we use the best tools to deliver great online visibility for their business.

Take the next step today and book a free SEO consultation with us to discuss your business’s SEO requirements and goals with a search expert.

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