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How To Increase Your Online Visibility With Bloggers And Influencers

7 December 2017
Liam Saunders

In an increasingly competitive online landscape, boosting your online visibility is an ever more complex task. While following SEO best practice guidelines will undoubtedly boost your visibility on search engines, your SEO strategy will need to extend beyond technical optimisation and on-page optimisation if you are going to attain a significant increase in online visibility. Bloggers and influencers are an important way to do so.

Bloggers and influencers are an important element of a successful SEO strategy as they are often able to drive a notable level of relevant traffic to your website. They usually have an extensive online and social network that they can employ to create attention and awareness for your brand. In addition to this, they have built a strong relationship with their online network; the people within their network trust and value their opinions. These relationships can be very valuable to businesses, as they can be used to facilitate engagement and interest in their brand.

In this article, we outline how you can increase your online visibility with bloggers and influencers.

1) Start Your Search For Bloggers/Influencers On Blogs And Social Media

If you cannot find a blogger’s blog on Google or their social media profiles, it is likely that your prospective customers will have the same problem. During your search for bloggers, you should focus on finding bloggers that have great search and social visibility.

Bloggers can usually be found on Google by entering topic related keywords, such as ‘Lifestyle Blogger Winchester’ or ‘Hampshire Beauty Blogger’. The bloggers that you can find on the first page of Google for your topic related keywords are likely to have good search visibility and will therefore bring the best possible return to your SEO efforts.

When you are looking for bloggers on social media it is always worth using the same topic related keywords to search by hashtags: this works particularly well on Twitter and Instagram. In addition to this, blogger groups can be used to find suitable bloggers. They are commonly created for either a specific geographical area (either a county or city/town) or a topic such as lifestyle, beauty or food.

2) Create A Long List Of Bloggers And Influencers

Now you have identified a number of bloggers from Google and social media, make a list of potential bloggers. It is good practice to create a long list of potential bloggers – this can include almost all of the bloggers that you have identified who also appear to be an immediate fit for your business.

Once you have created a long list, you may find it helpful to segment this by geographical area or by characteristic (you could use the size of their following, the quality of the website or the frequency by which they update their blog).

3) Create A Short List Of Bloggers/Influencers And Qualify Them Against Your Criteria

In order to ensure that your bloggers and influencers support your wider online marketing effort, it is necessary to create a short list of bloggers that have been qualified against your list of criteria.

The criteria that you use to qualify whether you shortlist a blogger or not will depend upon your business and your marketing objectives. Popular qualifiers include: their search and social presence, volume of online followers, quality of online followers, frequency with which they create and post new content, quality of their past blog features, suitability to your business’s brand and their domain authority (while this is a technical SEO metric it is an important consideration for SEO focused campaigns).

In most cases, a list of five to ten criterion will be sufficient to qualify bloggers and influencers onto your short list. You may find that some bloggers will excel at some qualifiers but underperform in respect of others. Your decision of whether or not you qualify them will largely depend on which qualifiers you value the most and whether you consider them to complement your business and its brand.

4) Contact The Shortlisted Bloggers/Influencers And Make Your Pitch

Once you have created a short list of bloggers and influencers it is time to contact them and make your pitch to be featured on their blog. This feature may consist of a review of your product/service or an opinion/insight article.

Your pitch should focus on highlighting the reason why the blogger or influencer would want to feature your business. In some cases, this may be a free product/service from your business (in this case the blogger/influencer should disclose that they have received a free product/service within the feature) or it may be something less tangible such as the kudos of being associated with your business.

It is important that you uphold any agreed terms with regards to the feature. If you agree to provide a free product or service, make sure that you do so. Failing to meet the agreed terms of your feature may encourage bloggers or influencers to provide your business with negative visibility, which will be to the detriment of your online image.


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