3 Signs That Your Business Needs A New Website

Website Design HampshireFor a business that is looking to attract and retain customers online, a website is often the central part of their digital marketing strategy. In many cases, it will be the destination that your potential customers will arrive at from all your other marketing channels. As your business grows your website should grow with it: adding new content and refreshing the design should be a matter of course as you learn more about your customers and their online behaviour.

Despite the importance of your business’s website, it might not have grown with your business or be in a position to best represent your company and everything that it offers. Sometimes this can be corrected with a series of website updates or you may require an entirely new website. Find out what the signs are that your business needs a new website.

1) Website Updates Are Cumbersome To Complete

Do you fear making changes to your website and avoid updating it? Website updates should be a regular and enjoyable task for the team/person responsible for them. They should be seen as an opportunity to improve the user experience for your website visitors and cater to their online behaviour.

However, this is often not the case. Updating an old website on an out-of-date CMS platform or through coding can be very cumbersome and there might be a long process to follow. You may justify retaining and maintaining an old website by citing the likely cost of a new website, but if you value your time you will recognise that this results in wasted time that you could dedicate to your core business. A new WordPress website could significantly reduce the time burden of website updates.

Alternatively, your website updates might be cumbersome because of the marketing company/person that is responsible for completing them. Do you find yourself having to chase and hassle them to complete agreed tasks or do you struggle to reach them? If so, it is definitely time to consider finding a professional digital marketing agency, such as VIP IT. We take the time to understand the requirements of our clients and proactively communicate with them.

2) Your Website Looks Old And Outdated

If your website is old and outdated you will be presenting your customers with a certain business image. Some may think that your business is no longer trading, while others will perceive your company as an out-of-date operation that has not evolved. In either case, your website will damage the first impression that a potential customer has of your business and it may even prevent them from engaging with you.

Old websites can also have a slow page load speed and they may not be mobile friendly. Your customers will then suffer from a poor user experience that will not engender confidence or trust.

In addition to this, having an older websites can make it difficult for you to meet recommended best practice standards such as SSL certificates and HTML5. While not adhering to one standard or another may not have any immediate consequences, it adds to the list of online areas where you may be falling behind your competition.

A new website with a modern and responsive design would serve your customers with an online shop window that best represents your business as it is today. It will provide potential customers with a welcoming environment where they can find out more about your business and contact you at their convenience.

3) Potential Customers Cannot Find Your Website

If you want potential customers to buy your products and services they need to be able to find your website. Your website can have a fantastic design but have poor online visibility. In real terms, poor visibility results in less website traffic and fewer sales – it really can have a significant impact on the profitability of your business.

While poor online visibility can often be resolved through SEO and PPC marketing, if there are fundamental issues with the structure, layout or design of your website, it is usually cost effective to create a new website. Significant changes in any of these three areas can be costly and complex, whereas a new website built according to best practice standards is not only more cost effective, it also presents you with an opportunity to make wider updates to every area of your business’s online presence.

Need A New Website For Your Business?

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