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Why Your Business Needs Social Media Ads

16 June 2021
Rhiannon Harradine

Anyone who has used one of the main social media networks will have seen social media ads from businesses on those platforms. These adverts will often – but not always – be from businesses that you aren’t necessarily following on social media. However, they will have been adverts targeted at you based on your activity – online and sometimes also offline.

Anyone who has a business page or account on any of the major social media platforms, you will probably have been enticed to take out some paid advertising. This is where you pay the platform to show content to people outside of your immediate followers. These ads are created by you and set to target an audience based on a range of factors, including age, location, interests and activity. You can even re-market to people who have visited your website. 

So why do you need paid social advertising? This blog outlines how social media ads can boost your business. 

How Social Media Ads Can Help Your Business

Reach A Wider Audience

The types and numbers of people that see your organic social media content (the posts you put up for free), is determined by an algorithm. The algorithms used by the main social media platforms aren’t particularly generous and businesses are having to work harder and harder to get their organic content seen. It is estimated, for example, that organic Facebook posts from business pages are only seen by 2-5% of the page’s followers. This means that your organic content may not be getting much reach among your immediate audience, let alone anyone in the wider community. 

Trying to grow a social media following (and leading on from that, a customer base) organically is difficult and time-consuming, so it is often advisable to use some form of paid social advertising. You can use paid social advertising to reach a wider audience in two main ways. Firstly, you can use it to get more followers. This can be useful when you’re trying to build an audience on social media, especially if you have only recently set your page up.  Secondly, you can reach a wider audience who may be interested in your business and send them straight to your website. This is a good way of increasing your website traffic and conversions among people who don’t follow your business on social media.

Close The Deal

It’s very common to have prospective customers interact with your social media page and visit your website, but not actually buy anything. They may have a browse or even add things to their basket, but don’t actually get as far as making a purchase. These customers are hot leads that are likely to be very close to making a purchase, so it’s worth targeting them in your paid social advertising. Paid social allows you to target people who have already visited or taken actions on your website, or those who already interact with your business on social media. 

Re-market To Existing Customers

Re-marketing to your existing customers to get them to make repeat purchases is another important benefit of paid social advertising. It’s actually far easier to re-sell to existing customers, than it is to get new customers, so this kind of paid social advertising is likely to cost less per conversion than other forms of paid social. 

Target Your Advertising

Essentially, paid social advertising allows you to target your advertising based on a number of factors – whether that be broad categories such as geography, age or interests, to more specific things like people who have visited your website in the past 30 days, or who have recently abandoned a checkout. Paid social ads allow your business to reach more people and vitally, more of the right people, than organic content alone.

Paid Social Media Ads With VIP IT

Here at VIP IT, we offer paid and organic social media management. Led by our in-house social media specialist, we help businesses make the most of what social media has to offer. We can advise you on which social media platforms would best suit your business, and we can also advise you on how paid social can help your business grow online. To find out more, book a free consultation today.

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