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Which Industries Need SEO The Most?

21 April 2021
Rhiannon Harradine
Which Industries Need SEO The Most

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a key digital marketing channel for any business. However, it is true that some businesses will require more intense SEO work than others due to the level of competition they are up against. This blog article runs through some industries that are likely to require more intense SEO. 

Businesses Within The Following Industries/Sectors Tend To Need SEO The Most:

  • Solicitors and law firms
  • Accountants
  • Marketing companies
  • HR companies
  • Private healthcare and cosmetic surgery

There are a number of reasons why these businesses require more intense SEO work, including:

  • They are in particularly competitive sectors
  • There are a high number of searches for the services they provide
  • They are not restricted by geography

Competitive Sectors

Some sectors are more competitive than others, and this can make SEO more difficult. Having a large number of businesses offering the same or similar products and services will inevitably increase the level of competition at a local and national level.

The legal profession is certainly a competitive one; according to Pirical, there were 10,402 law firms in the UK in 2019. With so many businesses of various sizes competing for clients, it’s really important to ensure that SEO is used effectively to secure a good amount of traffic from the right type of clients. 

High Search Volume Keywords

Search terms with a high search volume carry a lot of traffic, and therefore a lot of potential leads. Consequently, SEO marketers will be fiercely competing to get their clients to the top of page one for those search terms. This makes it harder to rank for particular search terms.

The legal profession attracts a large volume of internet searches every month. ‘Solicitors in Reading’, for example, has an average search volume of 1,300 searches a month, whilst ‘personal injury solicitors’ has an average search volume of 2,400 a month. The combination of high-volume search terms and high levels of competition in the profession mean SEO for solicitors is both essential and challenging. 

Another very competitive profession, in terms of SEO marketing, is accountancy. On average, there are 3,600 searches a month for ‘accountants in london’. Another relatively high-volume search term, ‘small business accountant near me’, attracts an average of 720 searches per month. 

Not Restricted By Geography

Another factor that makes SEO in some sectors more competitive is when a business is not restricted by geography. Services such as accountancy and marketing can easily be carried out remotely, so there is usually no need for these businesses to restrict themselves to their locality or region. This means that they can optimise their websites to compete for search traffic from other locations.

For example, a digital marketing company may be based in London, but there is nothing to stop it from serving other areas. It can simply create separate landing pages and SEO them for other locations, allowing it to rank for searches like “digital marketing in hampshire” or “digital marketing in Reading”. This allows that company to capture search traffic from a wider geographical area, even when those people search for a service based on their locality. 

Search engine optimising a website for multiple geographic locations creates more work because it is time-consuming. However, it’s worth it when it drives a significant amount of extra organic traffic to your website from across the country.

Surprised At Which Industries Need SEO The Most?

Some of the most competitive industries are not surprising the legal, accountancy and marketing sectors have been very competitive for quite some time. Whereas, the HR and private healthcare sectors have become more competitive in recent years and even more so recently as a result of COVID-19.

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