Choosing A WordPress Page Builder

Choosing A WordPress Page Builder

WordPress page builders are becoming an ever more popular feature of WordPress websites. They streamline the website design & development process while also making website updates easy to complete for users of all abilities. When choosing a WordPress page builder, there are several factors that a business should consider. We explore these key factors and share our experience with WordPress page builders to help you make the best decision for your WordPress website.

What Is A WordPress Page Builder?

A WordPress page builder is a plugin that helps you to build and easily customise your website. Almost all of the available page builders offer drag and drop functionality and do not require you to write any code if you don’t want to. Creating exciting page layouts with different columns and rows is a breeze and with an array of different widgets to choose from it is possible to bring almost every design to life.

The most popular WordPress page builders include Visual Composer, Elementor, Beaver Builder and Divi. While many of the page builders have features in common, they are all different to use and offer varying degrees of flexibility.

Benefits Of Using A WordPress Page Builder

There are a significant number of benefits to using a WordPress page builder over relying on WordPress’s in-built Gutenberg editor or on the customisation options in your WordPress theme which are both limiting in terms of what you can achieve and difficult to use. Discover the key benefits below:

  1. Deliver All Your Website Functionality With One Tool: WordPress page builders are a one-stop-shop that can deliver almost all of the functionality that you would ever want to include in your website. From an image gallery or testimonial block to a posts grid and a contact form. The range of available options are vast and easily implemented; with one or two clicks you can achieve your desired end result with ease. The alternative way of delivering such a significant range of website features would involve either installing a range of plugins or relying on your theme.
  2. Save On Resources That Would Be Dedicated To Coding: If you are not a WordPress developer, before WordPress page builders creating a website was a difficult process that involved a significant level of resources in terms of time and money. Now page builders are available it is possible to create a website without writing a single line of code. The drag and drop functionality allows you to create layouts and add widgets to create the perfect design. You may also be able to switch into a front-end view that helps you to edit your website in a live view. The resources that you save on either eliminating the need for coding altogether or at the very least reducing the amount of coding work required can be dedicated to other important areas of a website including SEO, PPC marketing or better WordPress website hosting.
  3. Design Flexible Custom Layouts: WordPress themes offer some limited functionality for designing flexible custom layouts. However, the options that are available to you are determined solely by the theme that you choose. While demos will help to guide your decision, once you have made it you are also restricting the options available when you look to modify your website in the future. Whereas, with a page builder you can easily adapt your design and create a layout that supports the development of your website. As a business you will be empowered to work with a blank canvas that you can use to build a custom layout with all of the columns and rows that you require.            

Factors To Consider When Choosing A WordPress Page Builder

Who Is Going To Use The Page Builder?

Considering who is going to be using the WordPress page builder is arguably the most important factor to consider. If just experienced users are going to use it, having a complex, less user-friendly interface will not be an issue. However, if inexperienced users are going to be using the page builder, you may wish to choose a page builder that offers a simple visual interface with a live preview so they can see exactly what they are editing. It is certainly worth watching some demos of each page builder to see which builder may suit your business best. Some WordPress page builders also offer help and technical support that may benefit new users.

Which Features/Elements Do You Want To Add?

Each WordPress page builder offers a different collection of features/elements that you can add to your website. Some page builders have a small select range of widgets while others such as Elementor offer an extensive range of over 90 elements. It is worth thinking about whether you require blocks for testimonials, case studies, contact forms and a call to action (CTA). Choosing the page builder with the highest number of available widgets is not always the best decision as it will increase the page load speed and also slow down the WordPress dashboard.

Do You Need Global Elements?

Global elements are a powerful and time-saving feature that are particularly well suited to websites with several pages with common information. They help you to make a change across all the pages on your website by editing just one global element. This element can be used for headers, footers, fonts and headings. The type of global elements that are available will vary from page builder to page builder with Elementor and Visual Composer leading the pack.

Do You Have Existing Plugins That You Need The Page Builder To Be Compatible With?

If you are adding a WordPress page builder to an existing WordPress website or if you have specific plugins that you will want to use alongside your page builder, compatibility will be another key consideration. Most plugins are compatible with the vast majority of page builders but some issues can arise. Conflicts can arise between SEO plugins and in-built SEO features. If the plugins that you require do not offer official support for the page builder, you may be able to use the embed feature.

How Much Are You Able To Spend On A WordPress Page Builder?

Different WordPress page builders have multiple payment options and models available. All page builders will require some degree of investment for most businesses as the available free/lite versions offer very limited functionality that will not be able to provide the functionality that you require. Premium page builders typically cost upwards of £80, so it is worth spending some time to consider all the available page builders before you make the decision.

Do You Need Help With A WordPress Website Or Choosing A WordPress Page Builder?

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