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What Is Social Media Marketing?

1 February 2021
Rhiannon Harradine
What Is Social Media Marketing

Most people are familiar with social media – it allows us to connect with family and friends, meet people with similar interests and share photos, videos and ideas. However many business owners ask, what is social media marketing? Social media marketing is where businesses use social media platforms to advertise their products or services, grow an audience and increase brand awareness.

What Is Social Media Marketing: The Basics

Social media can be used in a variety of ways to promote your business. Basic social media marketing involves creating a business page or profile on one or more social media platforms and creating content to publish to your audience. This type of social media content known as organic content – it’s free to post. This is great for small businesses and start-ups that are on a very limited budget and just need to get started on social media. You can now confidently answer the question: what is social media marketing, now we explore organic content in more detail.

Organic content should continue to form a major part of your social media marketing strategy as your audience and business grow, and it should be what really keeps your audience engaged and interested in your business.

Generally speaking, your organic content shouldn’t be “salesy” and should around 80% of it should be centred around your audience – what they are interested in and what they want to see, that is also relevant to your brand – with the other 20% being aimed primarily at promoting your products or services.

Paid social media marketing is where you pay a social media platform to show your content to people. Most platforms will allow you to target your advertising to some degree, so you can choose to have your ads shown to people who are more likely to be interested in your business. Advanced paid social media advertising involves targeting people who have previously been on your website, added items to their basket or bought a product or service from you in the past. This is known as remarketing.

Paid social media advertising is a key part of any social media strategy for a business that really wants to grow and use social media to its full advantage. This is explained in more detail in the next section.

How Social Media Marketing Works

Your organic social media content is not shown to all of your followers at once. Initially, only around 5% of your followers (this varies depending on the platform) see your post. The social media platform’s algorithm chooses which followers will see your post first, depending on how interested they are likely to be in your post. Based on how those people engage with your post – whether they like, comment or share the post, for example – it may or may not then be shown to more of your followers.

The more engagement your post gets, the more people will see it. If your post does especially well, it may then be shown on “suggested” or “explore” feeds, where people who don’t follow you will be able to see it.

The exact process varies depending on the platform, but essentially what you need to remember is that the more engaging your post, the more people who are likely to see it.

This is where paid social advertising comes in: It allows you to reach more people, faster. Social media adverts can also be created to fulfil a particular business objective, such as lead generation, website traffic or brand awareness. Now you can not only answer the what is social media marketing question, you also know how it works and how you can use it effectively in your business.

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