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Social Media Trends For 2021

9 February 2021
Rhiannon Harradine
Social Media Trends 2021

Social media is a rapidly evolving medium and trends shift and change all the time. It can be difficult to keep up, and even harder to know how to harness these trends for your social media marketing. However, there are a few trends that we know will be sticking around for the foreseeable – here are three social media trends for 2021.

Video Marketing In Social Media

Video now takes up a huge slice of the Internet and YouTube is now the second-largest search engine in the world behind Google. People use video for so many different purposes: entertainment, information and instruction, marketing and more, making it a popular medium for both businesses and consumers.

There are a number of benefits to businesses of using video in your marketing strategy:

  • Video grabs and holds people’s attention better than text
  • Video can help your website SEO
  • Is a really flexible form of marketing

It is an excellent way of getting people’s attention because it’s more engaging and easier to digest than text. Your business can use videos to explain important concepts and processes, introduce products and services and provide client testimonials and case studies. It provides your business with authentic content that can be used and re-used on your website and social media, and allows your potential clients to get to know your business

Using video on your website can benefit your SEO because it is likely to encourage people to stay on your website for longer. Google favours websites with a longer session duration, so the longer people stay on your website, the higher your website is likely to ranked.

Video can also be adapted to use in different areas of your social media marketing campaign. Short videos can be used in your Instagram Reels or Stories, and longer videos can be used for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram TV (IGTV). You can also create a Facebook Cover Video, which needs to be sized accordingly and will be shown to everyone who visits your Facebook Page.

Video Marketing is Easier than You Think

Many businesses find video intimidating because it can take longer to set up and put together, it can require special equipment and video editing software, and it can be expensive to hire a company to help you create videos for your business.

However, it’s now easier than ever to create videos for your business using affordable software such as Canva or iMovie, and even going live on social media using your iPhone is a perfectly acceptable form of video marketing. Some software packages, such as Canva, even include stock video for you to use. It’s also not that expensive to purchase lights, microphones and tripods to give your live videos that professional edge.

Streamlined Customer Experiences

Consumers in 2021 want streamlined experiences. No more opening stacks of tabs to find and purchase a product they saw on social media! With Instagram and Facebook Shopping, as well as plenty of apps and integrations designed to connect your social media with your website, you can offer your customers a super simple process from social media to website purchase.

Apps such as Later allow you to upgrade your Instagram Bio to an interactive gallery that allows you to link your Instagram posts to pages on your website, and it can also be integrated with Shopify to allow customers to shop for the items they see in your Instagram posts.

Offering a streamlined customer experience can help you to increase sales and get a bigger return-on-investment on your social media. This is because there will be fewer obstacles between your customers and making a purchase, and fewer opportunities for competitors to swoop in.

Original Content

This is a trend that has been going for some time now, but it’s definitely not going away in 2021. People buy from people, not brands, so you need to ensure your social media humanises your brand and allows people to connect with the people behind it. Try to be authentic in your posts by engaging with your audience, rather than just selling to them. Branding and consistency is still really important, so try to maintain this through colours, fonts and tone in your images and captions.

Sharing UGC is great and it can be a really useful way of getting your audience to engage with your brand and generate content for your social media. However, be sure to balance this with plenty of your own content.

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