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Liam Awarded Chartered Marketer Status From The CIM

7 June 2024
Rhiannon Harradine

It has been an exciting week at VIP IT, with our founder Liam Saunders being awarded the coveted Chartered Marketer status from The Chartered Institute of Marketing. Chartered Marketer status is a recognised mark of dedicated and skilled marketing professionals that remain committed to continuous learning, development and excellence. In gaining this status, Liam joins a select group of around 3,000 registered chartered marketers in the UK.

This professional achievement is testament to Liam’s commitment to continuing professional development and learning new skills in what continues to be an ever-changing marketing landscape with the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology. The rapid pace of change and advancement in all areas of marketing – but especially digital marketing – makes staying up to date with the latest developments and innovations critical to not only our success but that of the clients that we support.

In order to achieve Chartered Marketer Status, Liam had to complete two continuous years of continuing professional development (CPD) and pass the Chartered Marketer Assessment. The CPD activity included attending informative webinars, conferences, reading marketing books, the CIM Catalyst magazine and completing digital marketing courses among other professional activities.

Achieving Chartered Marketer Status

Liam is delighted to have achieved Chartered Marketer status and very much views it as a culmination of many years of digital marketing experience, which he has gained by working with businesses across a range of sectors in both the B2B and B2C space.

Liam Saunders comments on the significant achievement:

Gaining Chartered Marketer Status is a significant achievement and one that clearly differentiates me from other marketers. Completing two years of CPD, while balancing the demands of servicing clients and running a business was a challenge but the resulting status is very much worth it.

As marketing is an unregulated sector, it is difficult for businesses to know who to trust when it comes to digital marketing. Chartered Marketer Status is a useful differentiator, which can indicate that a marketer remains up to date with the latest trends and operates in a professional way. As Chartered Marketer status is not required to provide marketing services, it also highlights marketing professionals that are truly committed to the marketing profession and therefore may be best placed to provide you with the professional advice and support that your business needs.

I’m looking forward to the opportunities that gaining Chartered Marketer status will present including joining the dedicated and skilled community of Chartered marketing professionals. I also relish the challenge of continuing my professional development in order to maintain my Chartered Marketer status.

Liam Saunders
Liam Achieves Chartered Marketer Status

Benefits Of Working With A CIM Chartered Marketer

Working with a CIM Chartered Marketer offers several significant benefits to businesses that are looking for expert advice and support from a marketing professional. If you are looking for a digital marketing consultant, it can be a helpful way to differentiate between the many consultants that your business can choose from. Discover the key benefits of working with a Chartered Marketer below.

Confidence That They Are Up To Date With Marketing Changes 

The marketing landscape alongside its key trends, new technologies and developments are ever-changing. To deliver successful campaigns, your business will want to work with a marketing professional that stays up to date with these developments and is continuously developing their skills. 

By choosing a marketing professional with Chartered Marketer status, your business can be confident that they are up to date with marketing changes and developments. To achieve and maintain Chartered Marketer Status, you must complete continual professional development (CPD) activity that is equivalent to 35 credits. This activity is independently checked by the CIM on an annual basis to ensure that their Chartered Marketers are continuing to develop their knowledge and skills.

Demonstrates Their Dedication To The Marketing Profession 

Achieving Chartered Marketer status undoubtedly requires a level of dedication and skill. Marketing is a fast-paced and demanding career with many demands on your time and an almost never-ending list of tasks to complete. With so much to do and a limited amount of time to do it, taking the time to complete continual professional development while balancing the demands of your day-to-day role is a challenge. 

Chartered Marketers demonstrate their dedication to the marketing profession by taking the time to complete their CPD and learn about the latest developments in marketing. They are showing that they go above and beyond in marketing, as they are not required to be chartered. It is something that they choose to do to advance their career and improve the marketing profession as a whole.

Gain From The Skills That They Develop 

Completing the required on-going CPD to achieve and maintain Chartered Marketer status naturally results in the development of new marketing skills. Skills which will benefit your business if you choose to work with a Chartered Marketer, as they are likely to result in more successful campaigns and greater insights that can be used to inform and improve your businesses marketing activity. 

Chartered Marketers complete a wide range of CPD activity, which can include training courses in a wide variety of subjects, from digital marketing and social media through to marketing strategy & artificial intelligence (AI). These courses are taught by leading industry professionals with a wealth of knowledge. Liam has completed a range of digital marketing courses as part of his journey to Chartered Marketer status, including in Google Analytics (GA4) and Planning & Optimising Marketing Campaigns. These courses have helped develop his digital marketing skills and knowledge further and they continue to benefit clients that choose to work with him.

Ready To Level Up Your Digital Marketing With A Chartered Marketer? 

If you are ready to level up your digital marketing with a Chartered Marketer, why not work with Liam at VIP IT? He brings years of B2C & B2B digital marketing experience, gained across several sectors, and can advise you how best to get your business found online by its ideal clients. Whether that is with a new professional WordPress website, SEO management, PPC marketing or a combination of these. Liam is focused on helping clients increase their visibility, website traffic and leads/sales. 

Liam’s experience spans many sectors, including technology, law, financial services, eCommerce, and manufacturing to name but a few. Why not discover more about the key sectors that he can support on our sectors page? 

Secure your free digital marketing consultation with Liam today and find out how he can help your business grow online. Businesses that book a free consultation will find out more about the digital marketing options that will best suit their specific businesses and its marketing objectives.

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