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Secrets To Social Media Success

7 June 2016
Liam Saunders

Navigating the modern social media landscape is far from straightforward. It involves setting a coherent and clear strategy across multiple social channels while adopting powerful day to day tactics to ensure that your strategy is executed successfully. In my article, I’m going to outline my secrets to social media success. I have used these tips to generate strong and sustainable social media traction across a range of different sectors.

1) Stop Selling

Despite what you have may have heard, sales should not be the true focus of your social media presence. While of course you want your presence to support and facilitate sales in the long term, in the short term you should target engagement. Fostering engagement and raising the profile of your brand is far more effective than sharing a barrage of sales messages. If your audience wanted a sales pitch they would ask for one. Instead, aim to share genuinely useful and original content – for my business, VIP IT, I have built my social media presence around sharing daily tips and useful blog articles, both of which are original forms of content. Although this may be a challenging point to accept, consider for a moment which social media posts have ‘gone viral’ recently. Can you think of any sales pitches?

2) Interact With Your Audience

Social media networks were designed to facilitate social interactions in the online environment. If you find yourself mostly sharing pre-crafted posts on your social media channels, you are missing out on a colossal opportunity. The most powerful social media accounts target individual two-way conversations with members of their target audience. Whether these interactions are general conversations or witty remarks they will help you engender trust and build a rapport among your target audience. Next time you are updating your social media account, start a conversation with someone within your network. You will be surprised at the impact that this will have.

3) Avoid Excessive Automation

The proliferation of automation has been mostly a notable positive for the social media community. Tools such as HootSuite and TweetDeck have allowed businesses to schedule their social media posts and proactively manage multiple social media accounts without disrupting their daily operations. Not all automation tools are inherently as positive, because they have also given rise to the irritating automated direct message (DM) on Twitter and insincere engagement posts across many social media networks. These two negative products of automation allude to excessive automation. Sending an automated DM to each and every new follower that you gain will not engender trust or endear that user to your brand; it will only irritate them. Instead, disable your automated DM tool and manually reach out to a few of your social media fans. Insincere engagement posts are almost as bad, especially when they include a link or mention to the service that sends them. What value does an automated post sent by a machine gain for your business? It can only make your audience feel unimportant.

4) Be Responsive

Slow response times in the near instantaneous social media environment are not acceptable. Your target audience will often become irritated and at an extreme scale disillusioned by the lack of a prompt response; it is important to recognise that in the sphere of social media there is an heightened sense of urgency. You should aim for the best response time that is practically possible – as a guideline never leave a customer waiting for longer than 12 hours. Slow response times can be a significant driver of negative feedback. View responding promptly as a prevention strategy and as part of your business’s commitment to superior customer service.

5) Listen To Your Audience

The easiest way to engage with your audience is to listen to them. Their interactions provide a telling insight into their likes and dislikes. If you use this information to craft posts that are relevant to them your journey to social media success will be far quicker. Alongside listening to the posts made by your target audience to discover their interests, listen to their comments and feedback on your posts too. If you use this information successfully, you should be able to identify which posts have been successful so you can replicate them in future.

Did you find this post useful? Do you have any secrets to social media success that you would like to share? Leave a comment in the section below.

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