Increasing Sales With Social Media

It is often easy to question the real value of social media marketing. After all it is renowned for being an incredibly effective awareness tool. Many of the analytics tools will indicate that you have achieved a certain number of impressions, clicks or that you have reached 1,000 people. All of these measurement metrics are important and it is necessary to measure your social media activity in the metrics prescribed by the platform. However, for many businesses, these metrics fail to address the ultimate question – have my efforts resulted in any sales? Unlike likes and reach, sales have a clear commercial value; they are unequivocally crucial to the success of every business.

In my article, I’m going to outline my strategy for increasing sales with social media.

1) Connect With Your Existing Customers

While this may be an obvious first step to take, it is often overlooked. Just by connecting with your existing customers on social media you can amplify your reach considerably. Existing customers are also more likely to be advocates of your brand, so if you can encourage them to recommend you on social media you can harness a powerful growth strategy for social media that is entirely free from any cost (other than your time of course).

2) Choose The Correct Networks

Trying to maintain an active presence on every available social media network is not a sustainable way to generate social media success or sales. You should only be investing your time in the networks that your existing and prospective customers frequent. It is not always easy to determine which networks they frequent, however as is often the case a simple solution is often the best – simply asking a few of your existing customers should give you a good idea. As well as asking your customers, it is also worth looking at where your competitors are focusing their social media efforts. It is highly likely that these networks will be valuable to you too.

3) Focus On Building Relationships

You may have heard that ‘business is about people’ and therefore is about building strong relationships. This adage is just as relevant on social media, it is critical that you gain the trust of your audience before you make that vital sales pitch. Social media provides an endless stream of opportunities for establishing credibility and trust, from the opportunity for two way interaction to the ability to share your content (I recommend original blog articles in particular) to indicate your credibility.

4) Provide Something Of Value

Do not treat your social media channels as a sales platform. Sending countless steams of sales messages to your audience will not endear them to your company or encourage them to buy something from you, in fact doing that will do the exact opposite. The best way to make a sale is to foster some pre- sales engagement with a customer. Whether that is a tweet or a message is irrelevant; what matters is that you are engaging directly with a prospective customer. So how do I generate this coveted pre-sales engagement I hear you ask – well you need to provide something of value. This could be anything from a useful blog article or a short tip to a free consultation.

5) Leverage Social Media In Your Face To Face Interactions

It is a well regarded fact that people prefer to do business with someone that they can meet and interact with in person. This is where your social media presence can have an incredible impact, if your social media presence is strong within your local area/market sector it is highly likely that people will ‘meet’ you online before they interact with you in person. Imagine exchanging business cards with a prospective customer, only for them to recognise your business from social media. Now you have established credibility and trust, the prospective customer will feel as if they already know you and your brand. You are one step to generating that important sale – to the credit of your social media presence. That is how you generate sales with social media!


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