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January 2024

About Pan Oston

Pan Oston are a Dutch market leader specialising in designing and manufacturing checkout, self-checkout, self-scanning and self-service kiosk solutions across the whole of Europe and beyond. Their team of over 175 specialists with more than 50 years of experience create innovative and realistic solutions for information, reception, transaction and payment processes. From the Pan Oston HQ in Raalte, The Netherlands, they serve customers across key countries including Europe, Scandinavia, and the United Kingdom.


Pan Oston were looking for a digital marketing company to partner with in the UK to drive their digital marketing forward and improve their online presence. They were looking for a company with a great understanding of the UK market that could provide a complete consultancy service for their UK website.

Pan Oston had not undertaken any significant SEO or PPC work on their UK website to date, so they needed to formulate an SEO and PPC strategy from the ground up and have this strategy professionally implemented with the guidance of experienced digital marketing specialists. They were looking to significantly improve their online visibility, improve their keyword rankings and generate leads for their UK account managers.

Our Solution

VIP IT worked closely with Pan Oston and their marketing team to build a bespoke SEO & PPC consultancy offering that would help and support them to achieve their digital marketing objectives. Our initial proposal, which was a product of a series of online meetings with Pan Oston to discuss their requirements, outlined several key areas where we could support them across SEO and PPC marketing. This included the selection of keywords, creation of content, technical SEO, creation of ad copies, advising on landing pages and campaign setup. The proposal also included provisions for additional services should they require additional digital marketing help.

Pan Oston were impressed with our fast response to their requirements and the detail included within our proposal. We delivered our initial proposal within 48 hours of the last online meeting, which enabled them to make a quick decision and start progressing the digital marketing work.

Following Pan Oston’s agreement to our proposal, we set about devising an SEO and PPC strategy that would support the achievement of their objectives. As part of our strategy preparation, we completed in-depth keyword and competitor research to identify the most effective online marketing approach in what is a very competitive market/sector.

In addition to the research, a full content audit, keyword priority matrix and website review were completed to guide and develop the strategy further. From this, a regular monthly service plan was created and agreed for the duration of their contract.

The Results

Pan Oston observed a significant increase in their online visibility within the four months of their service. By the end of Month Four, their organic visibility was approaching 2% and they had achieved top 3, top 10 and top 20 rankings for a number of their keywords where previously their rankings were mostly at best within the top 100. Alongside this, their PPC campaign was well underway and generating further online visibility in the UK and was generating conversions and valuable leads for their UK account managers.

Six months after they started working with VIP IT, Pan Oston’s online marketing had improved further, with more keywords gaining a top 10 and top 20 rankings. Most importantly, conversions had increased further, and their UK sales team had more leads to follow up.

At the end of 2021, Pan Oston’s first full calendar year of working with VIP IT, their digital marketing presence had been transformed. Their organic visibility reached 4.88% and they had 4 keywords ranked in the top 3, 12 keywords in the top 10 and 14 keywords ranked in the top 20 of Google. They also had the highest level of organic visibility among all of their tracked competitors and their organic visibility was 52% higher than their closest organic competitor.

The impressive results did not end with rankings; the following headline results were achieved, which demonstrate significant increases in conversions and leads across the board.

Key Results

Increase in UK website visitors
Increase in goal completions
Increase in form submissions
Increase in UK phone calls

Client Testimonial

“As a Dutch market leader in checkouts, self-service and kiosk solutions Pan Oston was looking for a capable company to help give our online marketing a boost in Great Britain. Working from our office in the Netherlands, we found that we missed that extra experience to compete online. In 2020 Liam from VIP IT joined our team, and this all changed. Right from the start, we were impressed by VIP IT and its straightforward approach to online marketing.

Liam created a successful online strategy with us that boosted our SEA & SEO. We see significantly better results from our Pay-Per-Click and & Display Advertising campaigns, and our SEO scores are improving every month. Resulting in more qualitative leads for our sales reps in the UK. Overall, VIP IT improved the visibility and competitiveness of Pan Oston in Great Britain and Ireland, which is an important growth market for us.

Due to Liam’s SEO & SEA strategy, we really noticed an increase in qualitative leads, making us more competitive and successful online!”

Michael Gale

Marketeer at Pan Oston B.V

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