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We have worked on WordPress websites for businesses across all sectors from law and technology to manufacturing and retail. Our WordPress SEO services are based on years of WordPress experience during which we have perfected our SEO techniques to best suit the SEO-friendly features that WordPress offers.  Our SEO campaigns for WordPress websites have delivered increased online visibility, generated valuable leads and secured sales for businesses of all sizes.

At VIP IT, we are experienced in all aspects of WordPress SEO and are ready to help your business generate more organic traffic. Whether your business has just launched a new WordPress website or has had a website for many years but been able to generate enough traffic, our WordPress SEO specialists can help.

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“VIP IT have conducted several SEO projects and some marketing campaigns on our website since we relaunched in March 2020. We have found them both efficient and thorough and the work they performed definitely increased the traffic to our site.”


WordPress SEO Agency

Our SEO specialists have been helping businesses with their WordPress websites for over 5 years. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of WordPress SEO and all the tools that a business needs to generate organic traffic in a competitive business landscape. If you are looking for an SEO agency that specialises in WordPress websites, look no further.

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We are always working to enhance our SEO services by introducing the latest techniques and tools to generate the best possible results for each and every client. Our techniques are informed by years of expertise and continuing professional development. VIP IT use a suite of tried and tested WordPress plugins and an industry leading digital marketing intelligence platform to power our effective SEO campaigns. Businesses that choose to work with us can rest assured that their SEO is being taken care of by a proactive and passionate WordPress SEO specialist.

Law Firm SEO Services

Monthly SEO Management

Monthly SEO Management

Growing your law firm online is now a business imperative. Our law firm SEO services simplify the SEO process for you and deliver the level of online growth and return on investment that you desire for your law practice. Investing in our monthly management service is the most effective route to long term online growth. We will work with your marketing department/office manager/solicitors to develop a proactive SEO strategy that targets sustainable rankings growth for legal keywords that relate to your law specialisms.

As part of our service offering you will receive regular reports on your progress. These can be tailored to a frequency and content style that best serves you and your business. We promise to only ever use safe, white hat SEO techniques that are considered best practice by the leading search engines. This approach is proven to be the most effective route to organic online growth.

Our search marketing approach primarily targets the leading search engines: Google and Bing. Integrity is an important part of our approach to SEO. We understand that integrity is of utmost importance to the legal profession and we hold it in the highest regard. Some digital marketing agencies will engage in black hat techniques in order to deliver short term ranking gains to the detriment of your marketing in the long term – you can rest assured that we will never do this.

If you are ready to embark on an exciting journey to online growth where your customers are able to find you due to a well-managed search presence, we are the provider for you. Our monthly optimisation package is most effective as part of a wider digital marketing strategy. We recommend considering other digital marketing options such as Law firm PPC marketing – combining SEO and PPC advertising is a fantastic way to accelerate your online growth.

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

Have you been investing in SEO for your law firm without generating any return on your investment? If so, you should consider our audit service. Whether you have been conducting your own search engine optimisation internally or it has been under the care of another law firm SEO agency, we will provide an independent view on its performance.

We firmly believe in establishing client relationships based upon trust. We would never mislead you – if your current marketing agency is doing a great job we will tell you. Our review service includes a detailed performance report with advanced analysis and a clear unambiguous opinion as to whether your current SEO efforts are delivering for your business. This information will be complimented by a number of actionable recommendations that suggest how you can improve your search engine presence. We believe that understanding your current search engine presence is key to your practices future search engine success.

SEO Training

SEO Training

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be tough to grasp as there are a number of topics that you need to understand before you can craft your own successful search engine strategy. Through our bespoke training programmes we aim to empower your firm’s marketing department to understand and execute a successful SEO strategy from the ground up. You will be trained by a search marketing expert through a series of engaging and empowering workshops.

During our workshops there will be several opportunities to discuss your plans and ideas – use these opportunities to gain feedback on your plans from an established expert. Follow our prescribed training (which includes intermediate, expert and measurement based workshops) or suggest topics that you would like to explore. All our training workshops are delivered at your law firm, so there is no need to factor in travel time or expense. Simply relax in your office and allow us to start you on a positive SEO journey.

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All our law firm SEO services are delivered by experienced SEO professionals, with expertise in everything from content marketing to technical SEO. We understand the legal profession and the challenges that you face in increasing your online visibility.


We will optimise your practice’s website as if it was our own, taking care of every aspect of search marketing that is required for SEO success. We understand that you are busy running your law practice, so you can rest assured that we will take care of your SEO marketing.


You are able to choose the frequency of the reports that we provide on your SEO progress. Whether you would like a weekly update or a monthly summary we will cater to whatever is most convenient for you. We also offer review calls for those that prefer a call to discuss their campaign.


We pride ourselves on our customer service, rest assured that we will answer any and every question or query that you may have in respect of your SEO. You can expect fast and professional support for your law firm. Simply get in touch and we will get back to you.


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