Coronavirus Digital Marketing

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Digital Marketing Advice For Businesses

Navigating the economic conditions created by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has left many businesses wondering how they should evolve their digital marketing so they can continue to succeed during the lockdown and beyond. We want to support businesses by providing practical advice on how to evolve your digital marketing at this challenging time.

Businesses broadly fall into two categories. Firstly, there are businesses who are looking to reduce their digital marketing costs and secondly, there are businesses that need to scale up their digital marketing plans to meet increased demand in their products/services. In this guide we cover both categories, providing our practical advice and tips based on our broad marketing experience.

Advice For Businesses Looking To Reduce Costs

If your business is facing a falling revenue and significant costs, it is natural to look to reduce costs and make savings across all areas of your business where you can. Marketing can often be an easy target for such savings, especially if your business is not able to operate as usual. We recommend that you to take the opportunity to reduce your marketing costs in a smart way that allows your business to remain visible online.

Coronavirus Digital Marketing Tips

Identify Savings From Low Performing Channels

Identifying savings that can be made from low performing marketing channels is a smart decision that will help you to make the most of your marketing budget at this difficult time. This will also allow you to maintain your ever-important marketing presence at a time when people are spending even more time online as they work from home.

A good example of this may be reducing your PPC budget by 20% if you can see that you are generating more conversions from your SEO efforts. Whereas, a bad example would be reducing your PPC budget by 50% because you feel that your competitors will not be spending as much as they were previously. If you base your savings decisions on strong factual evidence you will be able to benefit from cutting your costs without compromising your marketing.

Audit Your Digital Marketing And Identify Quick Wins

Once you have identified savings, you will be a strong positions to undertake an audit and identify quick wins in the form of improvements that you can make to your digital marketing. At a time when resources are scarce, using quick wins to advance your digital marketing is smart. An audit will help you to understand what you are already doing well and where you need to improve.

We recommend that you start by auditing your website and all the active digital marketing campaigns that you are running. Try to view your website from a customers perspective and consider what is missing from your website and how you could make their visit easier and more enjoyable. It is common to not find calls to action (such as contact us or find out more), an engaging blog or exciting images. If your website is lacking in any of these areas then they are all a great starting point.

Review And Understand Your Website Analytics

Businesses that regularly review and understand their website analytics outperform those that don’t. If you have Google Analytics installed on your website there is a treasure trove full of insights and data there that is waiting to be unlocked. Looking at your analytics data may seem boring or dull. However, its potential to help your business improve results is unrivalled.

Google Analytics can appear quite daunting when you see its crowded dashboard. However, once you get to know it and the best reports that it offers you will be able to easily get the information that you need. For most websites, we recommend using the Audience Overview report to gain a good understanding of your website visitors engagement with your website followed by the Acquisition Overview report to review your top channels and their contribution to conversions.

Advice For Businesses Looking To Scale Up Their Marketing

If your business is in an in-demand sector, you may be experiencing increased demand for your products/services. You will want to make sure that your company is visible to potential customers who are looking for your products/services while maintaining control of your digital marketing budget and focusing on the channels that deliver the best results. Our advice will help you to get started.

Coronavirus Digital Marketing Tips

Identify How Customers Find Your Business Online

Finding out how customers find your business online is the critical first step to scaling up your digital marketing during Coronavirus. Once you know what your most effective channels are you will be able to invest more resources into them. Popular channels include: organic search (SEO), paid search (Google Ads & Bing Ads) and social media (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn).

In order to identify how your customers find your business online, we recommend using any analytics tools that you have access to, including Google Analytics which has an Acquisition Overview report that lends itself to this task. If for example, you found that paid search is your most effective channel, you could then look to increase your paid search budget while also investing in an SEO campaign that will support and compliment your paid search campaign.

Investigate Your Competitors Digital Marketing

If you are operating in an in-demand sector, it is highly likely that your competitors are also looking to scale up their digital marketing plans. By investigating their strategies and reviewing which channels they are targeting, you can learn from the successful elements and mistakes in their digital marketing plans and integrate the best elements of their plans into yours.

To get started visit a few of your competitors’ websites and search Google for keywords that your customers use to find you. You are likely to find that your competitors are targeting keywords that you had not thought of or that they are using particularly engaging text to capture the attention of potential customers. It is also worth reviewing their social media channels. After this exercise, you should be armed with insights and ideas for your Coronavirus digital marketing plans.

See What Is Trending With Google Trends

As many people are working from home, they are spending more time online especially on search engines such as Google. This presents a key opportunity for businesses to target what potential customers/clients are searching for in your organic and paid marketing (SEO & PPC). Fortunately, the Google Trends website offers access to all this valuable data entirely free.

To find out what is trending in your sector, simply type in a keyword and review the results from Google. For example, looking at the keyword: Coronavirus Lockdown, you can identify that interest in “self employed and the coronavirus lockdown” has increased by 4,550%. This could be a great keyword for accountants to target if they are offering support services. Once you have identified trending keywords you can target them in your website, blogs and ads.

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